Writing an Article – Proper using of H1 tags

writing an articleWriting an article can be a difficult task. There is the audience to consider, as well as staying within the bounds of the article’s topic. Of course, it is important to consider spelling and grammar also. For articles that are going to be published in the internet, it is important to implement SEO article writing so that the article will be easily found on search engines.

The main purposes of an article

The article has to communicate the information effectively and either inform the reader of new information or convince the reader to do something or think a certain way. What’s more, most articles have word limits, so all of this information must be kept within those limits. So how does one effectively write an informative article that gets to the point?

Write an article to offer something useful

article writing guidanceFirst off, in the opening paragraph, grab the reader’s attention with a great opening line– or two. When writing an article, the general topic of the article should be including in this opening line. You can start by asking the reader a question, or insert a bit of wit. Whatever it is, make sure it will make the reader want to continue reading the article. Of course, try to include the article’s keywords in the first couple of sentences as well. Moving on in the first paragraph, glance lightly over the article’s topic without giving away too much information. All of the useful information should be reserved for later on in the article. Then, end the first paragraph with a good closing sentence that leads the way for more information to be presented.

In the body paragraphs of the article, provide as much information about the topic. Make sure the information is well organized and easy to follow. Break down the body paragraphs into subtopics. For example, in one of the body paragraphs, explain one detail of the topic, and in other, explain another detail. If the article is persuasive, use one paragraph to give information about the topic and another paragraph or two for convincing the reader. In addition, of course, utilize SEO article writing by continuing to include the keywords throughout the article.

Take care of your conclusion

Finally, in the last stage of writing an article comes the conclusion. You have already presented all of your information and made your arguments, so you have to conclude the article. In the conclusion, do a very brief summary of what was covered in the article, just to remind the reader. Then, just like in the beginning, end on an attention grabbing note. Let the reader feel that they have been properly informed by reading the article. Make sure the closing sentence brings absolute closure to the article. Make sure to include more seo article writing in the conclusion as well.

The most common mistakes in article writing

To achieve success in writing an article, all of the above tips must be used. After it is finished, make sure to check for any spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure that there are no awkward sounding sentences or confusing sentences. Re-read the article to ensure that the information was presented in an effective manner. Also, check for adequate usage of seo article writing, so that the article can be easily found in search engines. Finally and most importantly, submit the article promptly to meet the deadline.

h1 tags in article writing

Don’t forget to use H1 tags inside your article

H1 tags are very important for search engines to boost the rankings of your article. So, let’s get into this issue.

What are H1 tags?

When writing an article you should have a title for your article. The title of your article is the first HEADING inside your article. In other words, your title should be inside h1 tags. Just before the title of your article put “<h1>” and after your title put “</h1>” By this way you tell to search engines that the words in h1 tags are the main keywords of your article since they are including in your heading.

For example, this article has the title: Writing an Article-Tips and Advice. If you view the source code of this article you will see this: <h1>Writing an Article – Following the rules</h1>. That means that by this way we inform search engines that his article is strongly related to the keyword “writing an article” that is the keyword we want to rank for.

The h1 tag is very important for search engines and some wordpress themes add this tag automatically in the title of your article without you to need to do anything else. But this doesn’t hapen to the h2, h3, h4 etc tags that are also important.

Creating your website using h2, h3, h4 tags?

Heading 1 or h1 tag defines the basic heading of your article. You need to have ONLY one h1 tag and it is better to limit the words to eight (8). As far as the other tags (h2,h3,h4 etc) there is no limit to how many times you will use them. As far as h2 tag it is suggested to use it three times per post but as far as h3 or h4 you are free to use them whenever you want.

What exactly show these tags and how to use them properly?

Heading two is a subheading of heading one and heading 3 is a subheading of heading 2. . . etc. So, you need your keyword to be displayed in h2, h3 and h4 tags also. Of course you should use these tags correctly. That means that after h1 tag you should put h2 tag and not jump from h1 to h3 for example. . . This is a correct way to use h1, h2 , h3 etc tags:

  1. h1
  2. h2
  3. h3
  4. h3
  5. h2
  6. h3
  7. h3
  8. h4
  9. h2
  10. h3
  11. h4

For a better understanding of how h1 tags are used, just see the picture below:

using h1 tags inside your article

Following these rules you are in the right way to create articles that can be found in search engines. In conclusion: Writing an article try to offer something useful to your visitors while following all the SEO rules. 

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