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Adding content to your WordPress website

Since you installed your favourite theme in your website, you are now ready to add content to your website. The three main terms while creating a WordPress website are: CATEGORY – POST and PAGE

-Category and Post

Wordpress post and categoriesLet’s say you have set up a blog for “diet solutions” and you are about to write quite often articles related to a topic¬† named “Diet Tips”, you need to create a category named “Diet Tips” Inside this category, you will create posts related to this topic.

So, when you create a post, you can select the category “Diet Tips” in order to have these posts being displayed under the category “Diet Tips”. You can create various categories inside your website and while creating your post, you can select the category you want this post to be displayed.

The category you will create, will be clickable and when your visitors click the name of the category, all the posts published in this category, will be displayed.

You can create a wordpress category under the posts menu in your WordPress Dashboard.

Then while creating a post, you choose the category that you want your post to be displayed.

How to write a wordpress post?

In the same menu, you can click ” add new” and this screen will be displayed. Inserting a WordPress post


Inside the post, you can have written content (article) , photos, videos, multimedia etc. You can put whatever you want there. Watching at a first time the buttons available, you may ask yourself: How to highlight my text ? How to change my fonts ? Where are all the options that I have seen in Office Word? So, don’t worry, in the next part you will see how to add more options here just by installing a plugin


In our website, in our menu, “HTML Tutorials” is a category and when you click there, you will see all the posts that exist in this category. All posts related to html tutorials will be displayed there.

- WordPress Page

WordPress Page is a place inside your website where you can add STATIC content to your website. We create pages for content that will not be updated regularly ( homepage, contact, privacy policy are usually Pages)

In the Pages Menu, you can click “Add New” and create a new page.


Creating a WordPress Page

After clicking “new page” you will come up to this screen:

How to create a WordPress Page

As you can see, the features here are the same with the post. The difference is that the post will be added in a category while a page will be a specific place in your website.

You will create pages for topics that you will not plan to add content often.

An example is the homepage in our website http://www.buildwebsiteguide.com . When you visit our homepage, you visit a Page. That means that we can’t add posts in the home page, we can simply edit the content and create it as we want. We don’t need our homepage to be a category, since we want to have static content there and we don’t need to add regularly new content there


Parent categories – Child Categories

Here we want to mention that you can set a category as a parent category and add child categories under this category.

For exmple, “Full 7 Step Guide” is a parent category and “Step 1 Choose your topic” is a child category under the parent category. So, when you click to a parent category, you will be able to see all the posts of the parent category and all the posts of its child categories. Although, when you click to a child category you will be able to see ONLY the posts of the child category

How to create a child category ?

Simply, when you create a new category, you set the parent category in the appropriate field as you see in the screen below.

Adding a wordpress category ( parent and child category)Setting up your WordPress homepage

One of the first settings you need to do inside your WordPress website is to set up your homepage. Homepage is the front page of your website. For example when you visit our website: http://www.builwebsiteguide.com, the first page you visit is called homepage.

You have two basic options for your WordPress homepage. You can set your homepage to display your latest posts or to display one of your WordPress¬† pages. If you choose “your latest posts” then in your homepage, the latest posts will be displayed by chronological order. If you choose to set your homepage to be a “page“, then the content of your homepage will be static. It will be the content of the “front page” you choose.

To make the above changes, you simply visit the section “Reading” through your “Settings” area in your WordPress Dashboard.(Click to enlarge)

Wordpress homepage

Watch this video to see how to create and edit a WordPress post



Watch this video to see how to create a WordPress Page


As you will see in the next parts of this guide, you can create menus in your website to set WHERE these posts, categories or pages will be displayed in order to create your own navigation menus with WordPress

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