WordPress Dashboard – Advanced Features

Inside your WordPress Dashboard, you can see many settings you can change while making your website. In this part we will explain some settings that are not explained in the other steps of the guide.

Media Library

In the left column on your WordPress Dashboard you can find your Media Library.

Wordpress media LibraryIf you click to “Library” you will see there the images you have uploaded to your website in your previous posts. If you want you can click “Add New” and add to your library other files like mp3, doc, pdf etc.

Let’s say you want to offer for free to your visitors a pdf e-book. You click “Add New” and you will be redirected to the screenshot below:

Adding a new media fileAfter selecting the file from your computer, then you are redirected to the screenshot below:

wordpress media libraryHere you can set the Title, the Alternative Text , the caption and the description of the file. The most important thing of this section is the File URL. You need to copy the File URL of the pdf you just uploaded. Then you need to send your visitors to this URL and they will be able to download the e-book. You can create a hyperlink using text or image and you can set there the URL of the pdf file you want your visitors to download after clicking to the text or to the image. For example you can write the phrase:

Download this e-book by clicking here!

Then you mark this sentence and you click to the hyperlink icon where you can put the File URL of the e-book. Then your phrase will look like this:

Download this e-book by clicking here!

In this example, after clicking the above URL you will be able to download the free e-book: HTML minicourse.You can create the hyperlink using an image. You can also upload other files to your media library like audio files, videos etc.

Links – Link Categories

In your WordPress Dashboard area, you will can add your favourite Links under the “Links” area. You can add the Links you want just by clicking to “Add New” that is located under the “Links” as seen in the image below:

Wordpress LinksAfter clicking to “Add New” you will see this screenshot where you can fill in the fields to describe as much accurate the link you want to add.

Wordpress Links management

The instructions are very detailed. You can also organize your links in categories. But you may wonder why you may need to add links there? In the Widget Area, there is a widget by default named “Links” You can simply drag and drop this widget to your sidebar and you will see these links diplayed in yoursidebar so that your visitors can easily click there and visit the links you suggest! (click to enlarge)

links widgetAppearance – Backround

Under the Appearance menu in your WordPress Dashboard, you can click the “Backround” option. Then, you will be redirected to this screenshot:

Wordpress BackroundHere, you can set the backround color of your blog, simply click to “Select a Color” and choose the color you want to be displayed around your website. You can also upload an image if you want and the image will be used as a backround.

Appearance – Editor

Inside the “Editor” that is located in the Appearance menu, you can edit the files of the WordPress Theme you have activated. Instead of visiting the control panel of your hosting account to edit these files, you can easily edit them through this section.

Appearance - Editor

On the right sidebar, you can choose the file you want to edit. Ofcourse you need to know very well php and html before touching these files. If you don’t know, you are advised not to touch these files since you may harm your website without knowing how to fix it. If you know basic html codes, you can make some changes basicly to the appearance of your website 

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