WordPress comments – How to manage them

Managingn your WordPress comments is a very important task while creating your WordPress website. You should keep in mind that WordPress platform was created mainly as a blogging platform that means that everyone could be able to comment for free to your posts. Nowadays WordPress became the most famous website builder and you can create any type of websites using WordPress (business, personal, e-shop etc) but there are still lots of discussion settings you can change to your website.

You can disable the comments at all and not allow your visitors to post comments to your website. The main configuration settings for your comments can be done through your WordPress Dashboard. You click to “Settings” and then to “Discussion” as seen in the picture below.

wordpress comments

Then you will be redirected to the screenshot below. If you don’t want your visitors to be able to comment, you should not tick the “allow people to post comments on new articles”. You can also remove the tick from “Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks)” If you tick this, then whenever a url from your blog appears to another website, then under the post of this url, in the comment area, you will see the link and some info of the this website.

Anti-spam choices. Protect your website!

Choose “E-mail me whenever” anyone posts a comment if you want to be informed that somebody left a comment to your blog and select “Before a comment appears” An administrator must always approve the comment. Then whenever a visitor creates a comment under your post, it will not be published until you approve it ( if you want to do so) In your comments area just by mouseovering the comment you will see the choices under each comment and you have these choices:

Approve: Then the comment will be published under your post

Reply: You can reply to the comment. That means that both your comment and your visitor’s comment will be published

Quick Edit – Edit: You can edit the comment before approve it

Spam: The comment will be stored in the spam folder. It will not be published ofcourse

Trash: The comment will be deleted permanetly

Wordpress Comments

Unfortunately, some webmasters in order to SEO their website, try to create as many backlinks as they can. They use software or bots for creating automatically comments to your blog just to create a backlink for their website. That’s why you need to avoid this kind of comments since they try to spam to your website and not to offer something useful to your posts. If you have made these changes, then you will be able to approve or reject each comment. You will get a notification by e-mail and then by visiting your WordPress Dashoard you can approve , trash or spam the comments as explained before.

wordpress comment management

If you have realized that specific people or websites or IPs etc try to spam your blog and you want to blacklist them you can do it by inserting the list of the urls (or IPs etc) in the box next to “Comment Blacklist” You can see an example here:

wordpress blacklist comments

As you see in the picture above, you can also change the avatar here. Avatar is the image that appears beside each comment. There are some defaults avatars that you can choose.

In each of your posts, you can also set if you want to allow visitors to comment or to leave a trackback. Under each post or page, in your administration area you can see these settings and make the choice you want:

discussion settings

If you are not able to see these choices, don’t forget to click to “discussion” that can be find inside the tab “screen options” on the top of your screen:

screen options1

By clicking to “Screen Options” you can see the elements that will be displayed while creating a post or a page etc.

Top WordPress plugin to avoid spam comments

The most famous and effective WordPress plugin to avoid spam comments is Akismet. You can easily install it through your WordPress Dashboard. After installing it, you visit Akismet website to get your API key. Then, under the plugin area you will see “Akismet Configuration” You will insert your API key there and you click to “update options” and “check network status” If everything there becomes green, you are done! This plugin will save you time of reading and moving to trash spam comments!

akismetIf you have more questions about WordPress comments, don’t hesitate to ask through our forum!


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