SEO Exaplained in the most simple way!

seo explainedIf you want to start creating websites for profit. You need to know well what is SEO ! You need to understand how Search engines work.

Eplaining SEO basics using a simple example

When you want to find more info about something, probably you will visit and type in the search bar, the words that descirbe best your question. For example, if you want to find more info about puppy shot schedule, you may type in the Google Search bar: Puppy shot schedule

After typing this phrase (that from now on, I will call it keyword), you will see 10 search results that may contain useful info about puppy shot schedule. These 10 search results are being displayed first because Google consider them as the most useful and the most related to the topic: puppy shot schedule.

These 10 results appear first among thousands or millions of results related to puppy shot schedule.

So why Google decides to show these 10 websites first ?

Google knows that if you want to find info about puppy shot schedule, possibly you will visit some of the websites that appear first, probably in the first 10 results. So Google wants to offer high quality services and tries to show in the first results the websites that are strongly related to puppy shot schedule and parallely there are quality ones.

In orer to decide which websites will appear first, Google uses a complicated algorithm that checks all websites related to puppy shot schedule and shows first these that are quality ones according to this algorithm. Nobody knows details about this algorithm but all webmasters know very important things about how this algorithm works.

Quality for Google doesn’t mean quality as far as the content of the website but quality as far as the internet presence of each website. That means that maybe you write the best article for puppy shot schedule in your website, but if there is not a single website that links back to you, there is now way to have your article being displayed in the first 10 results for the keyword puppy shot schedule.

So, here comes SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization descirbe all the actions you should do inside or oustide your website in order to have it being displayed in the first page of Google. Your target should be First result in the first page of Google for your targeted keyword!

So, say that your keyword is puppy shot schedule, and you want to create a website focusing on puppy shot schedule, you need to take actions as far as three main factors that affect your search engine visibility:

1. Content related to your keyword

2. On-site optimization

3. Off-site optimization

Content related to your keyword

That means that you should add content to your website that is strongly related to puppy shot schedule. That means that your articles, your title of your articles, your title of your images should contain words or phrase related to your main keyword ( and your main keyword of course)

On-site optimization

In order to have your website search engine optimized, you need to do a few tasks. For example, if you build your website with WordPress, you need to download All in one SEO pack plugin in order to set the title and the descirption for each post or page of your website in order to let search engines know what describes best your content. You need to fill in these fields with the appropriate keywords.

More on site optimization advice :

Bold or highlight the keywords you are targetting to rank for.

Make anchor texts with the keywords  you want to rank for and try to link to high autority websites

Make hyperlinks that redirect to other places inside your website

Create H1 tag with your keywords inside.

Regular content updating

Off site optimization

Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks!

You need other websites linking back to your website! This is a backlink!

You need backlinks from high quality websites. In order to do this you need to post articles in article directory websites, you need to bookmark your posts in the top 20 social bookmarking sites, you need to submit your website in web directory sites and many other actions as described in the 7th step Website promotion

All these actions are necessary to rank high in Google!

Of course you need to wait a little bit! These are not magic buttons that will guarantee traffic to your website but necessary actions that Google loves and in a short time period will help your website rank better!

In conclusion, take action and you will see the results. . . If your website ranks better in search engines, that means “Traffic”. And “Traffic” means revenue, either from affiliate marketing, either from Google Adsense! So SEO is the most important thing you should know in order to succeed in your online business

For a complete SEO checklist click here: SEO CHECKLIST

To never forget a single SEO action step when you are creating a new WordPress post!

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