What is Google Page Rank?

What is Google Page RankGoogle page rank is an index given by Google rating the “quality” of a webite.   By quality, we do not mean quality of the content of the website but of the overall web presence.  This score comes from a huge algorithm.    What one needs to be careful  with,   is that the  bigger the  rating of  a website,    the better quality it is considered to have.  Usually,   the score is regarded as satisfactory if it is  is more than 3 / 10.  In general one  must know that  Google hardly gives  a good score on websites, which  must comply with numerous requirements.  The higher the Google Page Rank for a site,  the greater  the chance to display the website in the first search results for keywords (keywords) related to this site.

For example,   if we put the word SEO in the search bar of Google, the first results will display the site Seomoz,   this is because the website has been rated  7 / 10 and of course the website’s content is highly relevant to the keyword SEO that we put on the bar search.   The google page rank for each site can be viewed on the www.prchecker.info

And what is overall web presence?

When Google locates many many links to a website within lots of other websites, that means for Google that this website ia important for internet users since there are lots of other websites that refer to it. These links are called backlinks. Furthermore, the more high PR sites point to your site, that means that your Google Page Rank may become greater.


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