What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa traffic indexwww.alexa.com website shows us the ranking of each website based on its traffic. A lower Alexa number, the more traffic a website has. For example, if we put at the bottom of the Alexa the website www.in.gr this result will be displayed,

Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,649 – Traffic Rank in GR: 13

What Alexa Traffic Rank index means?

This means that among the millions of sites worldwide, this site holds the 2,649th position. Next to the GR, the number 13 means that the in.gr is the 13th site with most traffic in Greece.

This is a very useful tool in this online job since we should know what are the websites that have real traffic and we should focus on these sites to put ads or a link to our site. 

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