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website ideas for moneyWebsite ideas that can inspire you!

You can find thousands of website ideas on the net and you may be confused ! Firstly you should decide: What kind of a website you are about to build ?

  1. Will it be a website to promote other people products ( affiliate marketing ) and earn money by this way ?
  2. Will it be a website to make money from Google Adsense ?
  3. Will it be a business website for improving the image of your business ?
  4. Will it be a personal website where you will share your opinions with other people with the same interests ?

List of money making website ideasIn this article we will focus on webiste ideas that can help you make money online from affiliate marketing. In other words, by promoting other people’s products. The main concept behind this kind of website is. “Create a website offering useful information, tips and advice around a topic of your choice and at the same time promote products related to the topic of your website

For example, let’s say you like skiing. Make a website offering useful information about: how to learn ski, ski resorts reviews, how to buy ski equpment etc . At the same time, you can have on your website Amazon advertisements and promote ski products. If your website receives traffic from search engines, you will be able to make money from your website, since you will redirect your visitors to e-stores (like Amazon) to buy products and you will earn a commission from these sales.  In the same example you can promote Amazon ski equipment, air tickets, hotel booking, ski guides etc. Most of the companies are willing to pay you if you send clients to them! This is called: affiliate commission!

How to succeed in making a website to promote other people products? If you follow the 7 step guide in our website and you are able to post really attractive and useful content to your website, then making money from your website is only a matter of time! If you create unique and attractive content to your website, then you will have more visitors to your website that will trust your recommendations. So, try to offer useful advice and try to promote quality products through your website.

Since you may wonder how to find top website ideas that will make you money, we made a research inside one of the biggest Affiliate Networks, Commission Junction. We came up to the most profitable categories of products based on EPC. EPC reflects the earnings (in US$) you may have if you send 100 visitors to a product webpage. In this list we show the average EPC of the top two products of each category.

While choosing the topic of your website, try to find a topic that is really interesting to you while being profitable too. Higher EPC means in general more profitable website.

Most profitable categories in Commission Junction 3 month EPC
Personal Insurance 370,17
Investment 305,56
New Year’s Resolution 277,61
Business-to-Business 255,67
Peripherals 247,34
Bed & Bath 214,53
Computer SW 212,15
Wellness 190,06
Web Hosting/Servers 180,14
Banking/Trading 179,62
Matchmaking 176,15
Web Tools 170,67
Productivity Tools 156,08
Mortgage Loans 151,24
Black Friday/Cyber Monday 136,38
Office 133,92
Vacation 131,45
Computer HW 128,54
College 127,87
Equipment 122,28
Wine & Spirits 120,38
Nutritional Supplements 120,14
Telephone Services 119,99
Furniture 118,72
Exercise & Health 110,52
Classifieds 103,68
Personal Loans 103,61
Accessories 96,43
Bath & Body 96,02
Credit Cards 94,65

So, you can use this list to create a website related to one of these categories. [EPC is not a static index and in this list you can see the average EPC of the two products with the top EPC in each category]

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How to find website ideas suitable for you ?

I repeat that the basic concept behind your main website idea is to create a website to offer something useful to your visitors !Offer it with the most attractive way and you will see your visitors returning to your website more than one time ! Since they realize that they can benefit from your site, they will trust you.  That means that they will also trust the products you are about to promote through your website. . . That will result to more sales from your website.

It is so simple BUT . . . you need to work !So, let’s come back to our main subject: There is a simple method that can really help you find money making website ideas !

First step : ” Brainstorming”

Sit down and think what are the things you like ? What are the topics you can easily write for ? What is your. . . passion ?If you can’t do this. Don’t worry ! You can make it easy! Just visit and have a look to the categories of the products you will find there. Do the same in Clickbank and in Shareasale. Go to marketplace and have a look to the categories of the products you can promote.

So think about each category:

  1. Is it interesting for you ?
  2. Can you write articles for this topic?
  3. Do you have already some “material” to upload considering this topic (photos – multimedia etc)

Let’s say you came up to 3 possible topics -website ideas:

a) music b) beauty c) children

Second step: Choosing the most profitable topic for your website

Now you want to find what is the most profitable topic of these three you just selected. Right ? So, follow this simple process:

Go to (click images to enlarge!)

website ideasClick:

–> Get Links

–> General categories

Then you will see the categories of the products you can promote. You now should click to each of the three categories you just selected.

Let’s say, you want to have a look at the products inside the category “beauty”

You click “beauty” and then you will be redirected to the beauty products:

website ideas for money free

Then you click to ” 3 Month EPC” What is this ?

The average earnings of 100 clicks. That means that every 100 visitors you send to this website to buy this product you earn this amount of money. After clicking this, you will see the products sortened by the most profitable ones.

So, you will see a list like this:

profitable website ideas

As you see now, you view the products ordering them by the most profitable ones.So, you make this process to all the categories you think about creating a website.

You can do the same process in Clickbank, in Shareasale and in all the affiliate networks. You need to find profitable products in the categories that you are interested in. It is no sense to create a website if you promote products that don’t convert.You need to find products that will help you earn money from your website.

So, in Commission Junction and in Shareasale you check the index “30 day EPC” . The higher – the better !  In Amazon you sorten the products by best selling. In every Affiliate Network you will find index to check the profitability of the products.

If you want to see directly the categories of the most profitable products then, check our research here: Discover the list of the most profitable categories in each affiliate network ( Commission Junction and Shareasale)

Third Step : Creating your website

Now, since among the topics that interest you, you found the most profitable one, you are about to create your website. Now you should follow all the necessary steps to create your website ready to make you money. Do keyword research, set up your WordPress Website, write articles, find good photos to add to your website etc !

In our website you can find for free all the necessary steps to create your website easily. Follow carefully all the 7 steps and you will see soon money coming from your website !

Remember the most important rule in making money from your website:


Offer something valuable to your visitors and your visitors will trust you !
  • They will trust your recommendations !
  • They will subscribe to your list !
  • They will return to your website many many times . They will benefit from you and you will benefit from them !
Quality content and quality products is what you need to succeed !


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