Your website disappeared from Google? Here’s why !

search engine optimizationIt’s the last day of September 2012 ! Many webmasters are wondering : Where is my website? I can’t find it! I usually had the first place in Google search results but now I am nowhere. . .

The point is this: Low quality Exact Match Domains just dropped down from Search Engine Rankings. Owning a domain with the exact keyword in it doesn’t have anymore high impact in search engine rankings.

What is “Exact Match Domain” ?

get your domain nameExact match domain is a domain with a keyword inside. For example, let’s say that you made a good keyword research and you saw that the keyword “puppy shot schedule” has low competition. Low competition means that in the first search results you see websites with low Google Page Rank, little content, not highly targeted to this keyword etc. Till now, most Webmasters would choose to buy a domain that has the keyword in the domain. In this case, a Webmaster would buy the domain “”, since a domain with the main keywords inside had a big impact in search engine rankings.  So, till now this website had lots of chances to appear in the first search results for the keyword “puppy shot schedule” You could have this done with only two or three posts highly targeted to this keyword.

Thousands of websites have being built by this way, since till now it was an easy way to have stable traffic from search engines that means stable revenue from Google AdSense or/and Affiliate Marketing.

What is Low Quality for Google?

Low quality website means that the website has little content, many advertisements, is not being updated often and hasn’t unique content. That means that the website doesn’t offer – according to Google- useful information to its visitors. The purpose of Google Search Engine is to provide the best search engine user experience, that means that Google wants to display in the first search results the most quality websites that possibly they will provide the most suitable and quality information to their visitors. All the algorithmic changes that take place have the same target: To provide the best user experience.

What was the problem with Exact Match Domains?

The problem was that most of these domains have sticked to the first page of Google for a long time only because their domain was exact the same with their targeted keyword. On the other hand most of them had not at all useful content and they didn’t update their website regularly. They mainly had posts that repeated the main keyword many times, with the main purpose to attract visitors from search engines. Google now is considering this method as a method that tries to cheat Google, and Google is probably correct since most of these websites didn’t offer something useful to their visitors. Additionally, some of these EMD websites, didn’t want to offer something usefull and there was a reason of this . . .

Why most of EMD were not high quality websites?

Most of EMD websites have created with a main purpose, to have revenue from Google AdSense. Revenue from Google Adsense gets higher when a visitor doesn’t find something useful to your website and wants to leave it. So visitors possibly would click to a Google Ad and  leave this website. But this is how the revenue from these websites was generated. You click to an ad to leave the website and the website owner was earning from each click from 0,10 to 1,00 dollar (on average) !

Are there any complaints about this algo change?

improve your Google RankingsRegarding what Google says, in the official Google Webmaster forum, last days, you will see hundreds of new posts telling that their website disappeared without reason. There are many webmasters that complain that their website disappeared from Google only because it was EMD, while it was full of unique content useful to its visitors. We can’t now judge this Google algo change, but we can say that big websites with high authority didn’t faced any problem due to this change. It remains to see how Google will act towards to all of these complaints.


How to survive through the Google Algorithm updates?

The only way to never have the fear of being dropped from Google Search Engine rankings is to create an authority website with unique and quality content. If you create your website following our step by step guide and you update your website regularly with unique and quality content, you will never have any problem with your rankings. You should also focus to a naturally link building process. That means that creating manually backlinks from high authority websites will also help your website rank high in search engines.

The lesson from this Google algo update is: Never try to cheat search engines! Provide high quality content to your visitors! 

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