7 Characteristics of a perfect website design

how to build a website for free. Website ideasEveryone can make their own website nowadays. It is as easy as building your Facebook profile page. But not everyone knows how to make an attractive and a professional website. If you have a particular business and want to succeed, it is very important to have a website that will attract visitors and search engines.

Importance of a good website design

If you have an online business you want to promote, or a business that sells products, or any other type of business, you will need a website. Having a good website design will have a strong impact in the success of your business. A website having a poor design, poor layout, and poor content will not attract customers. Having a poor website design often leads to failure of a particular business. This is because it fails to meet the needs of its customers.
Websites having professional and attractive designs play an important role in attracting customers and visitors alike. A good website design reflects the image of the company. Websites that are attractive and appealing will always draw more visitors to their site, which will increase traffic hence, leads to success in their business. Thus, having a good website design is important for the success of your company.

7 Characteristics Of A Good Website Design

1. Design and layout: First impressions are very important in the internet world. The first thing your visitor sees when clicking on your site is the design and appearances. A good website design must be visually appealing, and must have an attractive and professional appearance to it. Do not fill your site with advertisements and flashy animations and colourful text images. This might lead to visitors thinking your site as unprofessional and unreliable. Use appropriate colours and text fonts, and remember to keep it simple,neat and attractive. If you create your website with WordPress, then you are suggested to search through Themeforest for a perfect WordPress theme

2. Target Audience: Design your website in such a way so as the audience you are looking for will land on your sites. You should give proper information about your website, what your company stands for, and don’t forget to mention how users can benefit from your website. This way, visitors will be encouraged to take necessary steps to benefit from your site. Always keep your website up-to-date and remember to focus the audience.

3. Content: Your website should always have fresh and interesting content. When people visit your websites, they ultimately search for informative contents. People who visit your websites want useful information and providing them with different topics and fresh contents will always make visitors coming back for more. Providing quality contents with attractive topics and popular keywords will ultimately lead search engines to your site. Even if you are not good in writing contents, you can always hire professional content writers to write or edit your content.

4. Navigation: Using a proper navigation theme will help your visitors in choosing the pages they want to view quickly. If you have lots of contents, providing search boxes is a great way to help your visitors in finding the content they are looking for. Using simple navigation buttons for entering your pages will also add benefit to your visitors. Always remember to keep it simple and interesting.
5. Links: Websites that embedded hundreds of links are given more importance by search engines. When providing links in your contents, remember to use a colour that is different from your text. Underlined links are also necessary when providing a link. This makes it easy for users to know that it is a link, and would lead them to specific pages.

6.Graphics: Providing graphics in your websites is important as it makes it more attractive and appealing. But do not overuse graphics texts and images, otherwise your pages will look untidy and unattractive. Do not use large graphic files, instead opt for small graphics file. This will make it easier for users to load your website. You can check these perfect  internet marketing tools for your website.
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7. Search Engine Optimized(SEO): If you follow all the above steps, then your website will be noticed immediately by search engines. One important rule to follow is to buy your own domain name, instead of using free sub-domain names. Remember to submit your domain names to major search engines, and get links from other pages.  Search engine optimization is the most important step for the success of your websitTry adding traffic to your sites by recommending other similar sites to your sites. This will in turn make them recommend your sites on their websites. But if you have just started out and need traffic on your site, then go for PPC (Pay Per Click) programs.

A good website design therefore play an important role in determining the success of your business. Remember to update your designs and contents every now and then, so that visitors will know you are running a legit site, which will make them come back for more information. 

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