Using Weebly. Advantages and Disadvantages

If you find it difficult to learn the WordPress platform, you will not struggle on the platform Weebly. If you browse, you may be surprised by the ease of use of this website builder. You will realize that now building a website is not so difficult as you may have thought! Over 7 million pages are built with Weebly! Also, the company’s website Weebly has google page rank 8 / 10 and alexa traffic rank 350! Of course, Weebly website builder doesn’t provide the features of wordpress but it is very good for want to build a personal or a website for a small business .

With Weebly you can choose between three ways of cooperation:

The easiest way to create and host a website. Create your site at!1. You can get free domain and hosting and build your website on the Weebly Platform . However, this is not recommended as the domain given to you is mandatory created by this way: This is not SEO friendly and does not show professionalism. For example, if the website was made free through Weebly, the domain would be Also, the site would be full of Weebly ads .

2. Once you have purchased the domain from a company registrar, you can host it on Weebly, while building your website through Weebly platform. Prices for hosting are very good, as you will see. Obviously, in this case, it is not mandatory to advertise Weebly through your website.

3. You can buy a domain and hosting together from Weebly. So, in this case, Weebly gives you the three things you need to build a website

1) domain registration

2) hosting

3) platform needed.

The main disadvantage of Weebly website builder is that you are not able to install plugins in your website. The power of WordPress is the ability to install WordPress plugins that allow you to add thousands of features to your website without knowing html code etc.

This feature doesn’t exist in Weebly ! This is the main disadvantage of Weebly. 

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  1. Helen says:

    I agree with you. Even if Weebly is a very good site builder, WordPress really rocks if you want to add more features to your website.
    Many thanks.

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