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When you start building your website to make money online, you probably try to find a software that will help you achieving your goals. There are thousands of programs that promise you to give you the most valuable information for every part of this business. But are they all of them so reliable as they may occur from the first glance?

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How Traffic Travis Keyword research tool can help you ?

Traffic Travis is an SEO software that has many many functions very valuable to guarantee the success of your website.

In this article we will describe how you can benefit from Traffic Travis Keyword research tool

Using this tool you can find by clicking a button the Google Page Rank of the first 20 results of each keyword you are interested in. For example, let’s say you want to build a website targeting the keyword “puppy shot schedule” What traffic travis do is, by clicking a button you can find out what are the first 10 search results in Google for this keyword, what is the PR of each website, how many backlinks each website has and many many more details for the first 10 search results.

The most exciting thing is that if you buy the full version you can check hundreds of keywords by clicking a button. So in our example, lets say that you try to find what are the best keywords to target for your website. If you are sceptical about these three keywords: puppy shot schedule, puppy shots and puppy shots schedule then you type these keywords and you click one button then you take the results as seen below:

traffic travis review

As you can easily observe, Traffic Travis already scanned the first search results for each keyword and show you the average page rank of the websites of the first 10 search results for each keyword. So you can see that the average Google Page Rank of the first 10 results of each keyword.

Except this info, Traffic Travis already show you the difficulty of each keyword based on many factors ( not only Google Page Rank).

If you click on the keyword you can see much more details for the first 10 search results. Check this image here:

Traffic travis keyword research tool

So, you can see how important are these info for you. You don’t see here only the Google Page Rank of each website but you can also find out how much targeted is the website to the related keyword. If, for example in the first 10 search results there is no website that uses this keyword in H1 tag, in the Title or in the description, that means that it is more easy for you to get over your competitors.

When you create your website to make money online, you should know that you need free traffic from search engines, so you need to check the competition for the keyword you want to target and to see if this competition is unbeatable or not.

You need to focus on keywords that have lots of searches per month. You can see how many searches per month each keyword has usind Adwords Keyword Tool. And you need to know if the first 10 or 20 websites that are being dsplayed by Google when the keyword is put in the Google Search Bar , are targeted to your keyword or are high quality ones.

If you see that the first search results show you websites that have low Google Page Rank (less than 2 in average) and they are not targeted to your keyword ( no in H1 tag, Tilte and description) then you know that you are in the right way.

If you build a website targeting to keywords with low competition, be sure that if you follow the 7 steps described in our website, your website will succeed and you will see very soon traffic from search engines and revenue either from Google Adsense or by promoting other people products( affiliate marketing)

So in conclusion. Traffic Travis is a software that offers many many things but the keyword difficulty tool is the most valuable tool you will surely need to find out if you are on the right way or not.

Remember that keyword research is the most important task you should in order to build a website that can receive traffic from search engines.

Keyword research will help you :

1. Choosing your domain

2. Choosing the keywords for your SEOed articles

3. Choosing the keywords for your on-site and off-site optimization.

All these means, that if you don’t choose the right keyword from the beginning, you may work hard without seeing results!

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