Top website ideas for affiliate marketing revenue

Since you are about to create a website and you want to find a profitable topic, this article is written for you! On 7th of June we made a research to find the most profitable categories among the top Affiliate Networks worldwide ( Clickbank, Commission Junction and Shareasale)

Why make money from affiliate marketing ?

One of the best revenue sources of your website is website ideas to make money from affiliate marketingaffiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting other people products in order to gain a commission after each sale. For example, if you build a website to offer useful information around diet and weight loss, you can also promote through your website products related to this topic. For example, you can put banners inside your website advertising these products and when your visitors click to these banners, they are redirected to the website of the company that sells the product or the service and you gain a commission. You can earn a percentage of the price of the product that is being sold. You earn a commission since this sale was made from your efforts.

So, since you want to build a website to make money by promoting other people’s products, you need to find website ideas that make money. You need to find a topic for your website where the products that you can promote are profitable and you can make large commissions! For example if you create a website around diet or weight loss, the chances to make money are much higher than building a website related to camping. Why ? Because the statistics show that if you promote produts related to weight loss you can make a lot more money than promoting camping products.

website ideas to make money onlineSo, how to find website topics that the related products to this topic can make you money ? This was the reason we made a research among the biggest Affiliate Networks worldwide to find the categories where the products that are included in there convert well and can make real money. Let’s see the lists of the most profitable categories in each Affiliate Network.

Website ideas that make money – Coming from real statistics !

The research was made inside the 2 biggest affiliate networks: Commission Junction and Shareasale.

Commission Junction and Shareasale

We made the research in Commission Junction. In the first column you see the category of the products you can promote and in the second column you can see the average 3month EPC of the top 2 products in each category. EPC is an index that shows you the amount of money ( in $) you can make if you send 100 visitors to a product you promote through your website. Higher EPC equals more money by promoting this product.

For example if the EPC of a product is 370,00$ that means that every 100 visitors you send to this product you earn in average 370 dollars ! So, why not creating a website promoting this kind of products? From this table, you can get top money making website ideas ! Enjoy :


Money making website ideas from Commission Junction
Most profitable categories in Commission Junction 3 month EPC
Personal Insurance 370,17
Investment 305,56
New Year’s Resolution 277,61
Business-to-Business 255,67
Peripherals 247,34
Bed & Bath 214,53
Computer SW 212,15
Wellness 190,06
Web Hosting/Servers 180,14
Banking/Trading 179,62
Matchmaking 176,15
Web Tools 170,67
Productivity Tools 156,08
Mortgage Loans 151,24
Black Friday/Cyber Monday 136,38
Office 133,92
Vacation 131,45
Computer HW 128,54
College 127,87
Equipment 122,28
Wine & Spirits 120,38
Nutritional Supplements 120,14
Telephone Services 119,99
Furniture 118,72
Exercise & Health 110,52
Classifieds 103,68
Personal Loans 103,61
Accessories 96,43
Bath & Body 96,02
Credit Cards 94,65


Money making website ideas from
Categories of products in 3month EPC
Business 348,53
Computers/Electronics 322,23
Health 262,57
Accessories 252,60
Books/Media 171,95
Food/Drink 158,57
Gifts 152,17
Financial 147,67
Sports/Fitness 135,83
Weddings 135,28
Education 121,05
Family 98,59
Travel 94,56
Art/Musi/Photography 90,59
Marketing 89,30
Recreation 89,04
Clothing 82,93
Commerce/Classifieds 79,54
Automotive 60,58
Moving/Moving Supplies 53,15
Gourmet 45,86
Green 40,52
General Web Services 35,58
Games/Toys 32,57
Webmaster Tools 20,7
Shopping Malls 17,2
Military 8,73
Legal 7,03
Real Estate 2,88

Last step: What you need to make money from affiliate marketing is to create a website related to one of the categories you see here. Choose your website idea regarding two factors:

1) The category of products you will be able to promote through your website should be a profitable one. The results of our research that you see here can help you find topics where the produts you can promote are profitable.

2) You will be able to offer something useful to your visitors. Don’t decide to build a website related to diet if you have no idea what diet is. It is highly recommended to skip this category and go to another one that you can really offer something useful to the visitors of your website. If you don’t know about a topic DON’T create a website regarding this topic. You need to know your topic well and then create your website! Then your success is guaranteed!

In conclusion, in these tables above you can find lots of website ideas to make a website where you can offer useful information around the topic you will choose and at the same time you can also promote profitable products and make money ! Making money online is possible if you follow our 7 step guide where you can find all you need to know in order to convert your “website idea” into a money-making website ! 

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