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How to set up your WordPress Menus

In this section you will learn how to create your navigation menus inside your WordPress website. You need to create navigation menus easy to understand so that your visitors will be able to know where to “click” to find the information they want. So take care of your menus and make them clear and easy to use. But let’s start with the basics: Read more »

Must have WordPress plugins

Must have WordPress pluginsAs said many times in our WordPress guide, plugins are the power of WordPress. You can find millions of plugins that can help you do almost whatever you want inside your WordPress website, without the need to know any html code. Here, I list the more useful plugins with a brief description of each one. Read more »

Website Ideas – How to find the website idea that will make you money

website ideas for moneyWebsite ideas that can inspire you!

You can find thousands of website ideas on the net and you may be confused ! Firstly you should decide: What kind of a website you are about to build ?

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WordPress Tutorial Part 1 – WordPress Installation

WordPress Installation - Step by step

wordpress installationLet’s say you just bought your domain name from Godaddy and you just created your hosting account with Hostgator. ( More details about getting a domain name and creating a hosting account here: Website Creation )¬† Now, you need to set correctly your nameservers and install WordPress platform to your domain in order to start posting content to your website.

In this example, I will use the domain¬† “”

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How to make a free website Top recommendations

how to make a free websiteThere are many ways to make a website.

You can hire a programmer to do the job for you.


You can simply do it yourself if you don’t have money to spend.

How to make a website for free ? What are the 3 most famous platforms ?

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Creating a website with wordpress Tips and advice

Wordpress tutorialsWhen you visit wordpress dashboard for the first time , you may wonder how this platform is easy to use since there are so many buttons that you can’t explain easily what they are their purpose. So what are the basic things you should know about WordPress in order to not get confused when you are trying to build a website for the first time. Read more »

Create your website in three easy steps – Free tutorial

3 steps to make a websiteThere are three basic steps that need to be done to build a website:

Buy a domain name -> Create your Hosting Account-> Select a website builder to ‘build’ your site Read more »