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The best SEO learning source

Learning about Search Engine OptimizationWell, learning SEO can be a difficult task if you are a totally newbie. You may be confused if you try to find SEO sources online. For example: Keyword Density…

Browsing the web you will find different answers in this question. “What is the correct keyword density?” Some SEO “experts” say that 2% is good, others say 5% etc. So, you may ask yourself, is there a reliable source to learn SEO. Well, the answer is so simple that you can’t even imagine it! So, Google itself can learn you SEO. Where ? In their own Youtube Channel:


This is the best way to learn how search engines work. There are about 600 videos there where in most of them Matt Cutts reveals many parameters on how Search engines work and especially Google who receives the largest amount of traffic. So, Matt answer to many questions related to SEO in the most clear way so that everyone can learn how to create a website in a way that it will be 100% SEO friendly. Since I have watch most of these videos, I state here 5 points that are the most important for your SEO efforts in 2013.

  • Unique Content. Never use content from other resources and never put it to your website. It will not contribute to your SEO
  • Attractive Content. Spend some time to create attractive content, content that your visitors will love. Google has created a method to understand if your content is really helpful and attractive to your visitors
  • Social Media Promotion. One of the best ways that Google now uses to understand how helpful the content of your website is , is its popularity in social media. Facebook likes, Tweets, Google Plus, Stumbles, Pins etc are a sort of signals that “tell” to Google that your website is useful.
  • Natural Backlinking. Don’t waste your time creating thousands of Backlinks in useless websites. Make your backlinking process slow and steady. Google can detect easily the high quality backlinks and Google ignores all backlinks created by bots
  • Make great efforts to include your website into websites that are considered high authority. High authority is not only a website that has high Page Rank but also a website like or yahoo directory where there is editorial review before accepting a backlink. That means that links inside these websites are considered by Google as important links since someone has already check the quality of the website before including it to the website.

So, don’t waste your time and browsing the web to find the proper knowledge about SEO. Visit GoogleWebmasteHelp and let Google learn you how their search engine work. Of course, they will never reveal you the exact way they work, but for sure, you will learn many things on how to improve your website’s presence in search engines.

Using top internet marketing methods to promote your business website

Using internet marketing to promote your website

When you create your website, your first target should be to drive traffic to it, right? You will possibly hear many internet marketers talking about SEO, and how effectively could be a very good SEO service. Although SEO actions can really bring tons of traffic to your website, you should not limit your internet marketing efforts to SEO action steps. Read more »

SEO on site VS SEO off site – Who wins the game?

seo on site vs seo off site

Search engine optimization includes all the actions needed inside and outside your website in order to improve your search engine rankings. Improving your search engine rankings will make your website more visible for search engines and of course you will see an increase in your traffic, that is what you need for your website. Read more »

5 Ingredients Of A Perfect SEO Link Building

search engine optimizationWhen it all began it seemed understandable what “SEO link building” is, everyone thought it is building a link to your website. The real definition of SEO link building is that act of linking directories and what goes around the internet for instance, there are many SEO companies claiming that they can make submission to directories, link building and articles submission.

Link building has been the most important in Search engine optimization task. It is often difficult and confusing to develop ideas that will get you started.Foundation s to Link Building Read more »

Your website disappeared from Google? Here’s why !

search engine optimizationIt’s the last day of September 2012 ! Many webmasters are wondering : Where is my website? I can’t find it! I usually had the first place in Google search results but now I am nowhere. . .

The point is this: Low quality Exact Match Domains just dropped down from Search Engine Rankings. Owning a domain with the exact keyword in it doesn’t have anymore high impact in search engine rankings. Read more »