Step 6: Website monetization

Making money with your websiteIn this step you will make the necessary actions to make money from your site. Making money online is one of the purposes of your site. It is no difficult to make money from your website, but you have to work a little bit! Don’t worry about working on your website since most of the work should be done once, at the beggining. Then, when you start driving traffic to your website and you set up all the thing to do this, you will not have to work many  hours in order to make money.

Remember that the most important things to drive big traffic to your website is Quality and unique content

So, in this step we analyze three key issues responding to the following question:

How to make your website in order to make you money ?

1. Advertising

2. Google Adsense

3. List Building

Advertising ( Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate Marketing salesAs mentioned elsewhere, there are two main types of website you can make, either an informative site either a «Review» site (purely promotional) Clearly, the information type website is suggested since the products are promoted more indirectly, while in the second case, there is the possibility that the visitor will understand that you made the website just to promote products and may not trust your critical for these products.

So after joining the companies offering affiliate programs, and choosing the products to promote, you must beware of the following:

- If the site is informative, there must be a separate area within the site titled “product reviews”, “suggested products” or “shopping” or any other title that refers to positive reviews of reliable products. In this area the products you promote will be displayed. Through Amazon, you can make this page appear like an e-shop where the visitor van choose a product and then be redirected to the official website of the Amazon in order to buy it from there. An example can be found here. Of course you should choose products that may correspond to actual needs of your visitors.

- If you surf on websites that offer affiliate programs, you may notice that you can advertise a product by putting a banner on your site, ie a picture, where your affiliate link is embedded By clicking on the banner, the visitor is redirected to the website of the product you promote. The banners are more attractive to visitors and can be placed in all areas of your website. The banners can be incorporated into an article, on the sidebar of your website, etc. To place them, you get the html code given by the company and paste it in the place of the site you want.

Remember that you can make a very good monthly income from affiliate marketing. Just read this article to see what are the benefits on working as an affiliate marketer !

Revenue from Google Adsense

When you build your own website, you can gain revenue from sources other than Affiliate Marketing. A good source of revenue is Google Adsense.. In this section we will explain more technical issues concerning Google Adsense

To join Google Adsense you should visit If you have e-mail with Gmail, then, with the same login details you can have access to Google Adsense. To register, you make the request and you follow the required procedure. The registration is free.

To install the Google Adsense using WordPress, you can install a plugin, such as “Adsense on Top” or “Best Google Adsense” and then make some simple configuration needed.You can define where to display the ads, how many ads will appear, what kind of ads will appear (text , image or combination) Of course you should fill in the appropriate field your Adsense ID.

Through Weebly, you can install the Adsense easily by Drag and Drop the Adsense icon (found in Elements) in the place you want the ads to appear.

{Alternatively, you can generate code via the Adsense control panel, in this code you define exactly how you want the ads to be displayed. More specifically you create the code by selecting My ads -> New ad unit. There you define the characteristics of the ads you want to display and then you select «save and get code». You can paste this code anywhere in the site you want these ads to be displayed. Of course, you should paste this html code at the point where the code can be read and interpreted. So in WordPress you can paste into a «Text» located in Widgets, or anywhere else (post or page) after selecting the html option. Through Weebly, you need first to Drag and Drop the icon «Custom HTML» and then you paste the code there.}

It is not recommended to fill your site with ads since on the one hand the possibility of clicking these ads increases and you may have good income from these clicks, but on the other side when your visitors see in your website many ads, they can more easy leave your website by clicking one of these ads. In most times it is preferred to have visitors that stay more in your site, since by this way, you have more chances to make affiliate sales that are more worthful than the adsense clicks. So it is suggested to display ads in a moderate level since they should be considered as a source of revenue but also as an “exit door” from your website.

Here we must emphasize that having installed Google Adsense on our site, you do not define the ads that will be displayed there. These ads are defined by Google based on some criteria such as the content of your website or the previous searches made in Google by the visitorsof your site. The ads that will appear at the place where you have set, are constantly changing and are different to each visitor of your website.

Google Adsense revenueAs far as the revenue from Google Adsense you should know that it really depends on the traffic your website has. The more traffic your website has, the higher this revenue will become. Of course, you need to do all the website promotion efforts correctly in order to have traffic. In the 7th step of our guide we list all the website promotion process need to be done correctly in order to drive traffic to your website.

List Building

Many internet marketers believe that “the money is in the list”. What does that mean though? What is the usefulness? There are many techniques to build a list of your visitors with their names and their e-mail in order to further communicate with them.

The main purpose of the list building is to regularly communicate with your visitors via e-mail and to “build “a relationship of trust. The members of your list will be delighted as they will learn new things through the e-mails you send them (like newsletters etc) and you will be able to promote them products that they are really interested in and correspond to their needs. For example, when visitors enter your website to get information for healthy diet plans, having their e-mail, you can send them e-mails regularly to inform them about nutrition issues and sometimes (not always) recommend them to buy a book that contains useful material on this issue.

List building to make money from your websiteHere we want to note that you should not consider the sale as a process where you will try to persuade people to buy something, for the only purpose to have revenue. What you need to think is to help each other to find the product that will better correspond to their needs.

The approach that we do, must be customer centric and this should be reflected across the site you will create. This will be really appreciated by your visitors. In opposite, if your visitors feel like a sales ‘number’, then, probably they will not revisit your website. If you properly investigate the products that “sell” most, you will see that these ones correspond to a real need that many people have.

But how do you get the e-mails of the visitors? There are many ways to get the e-mails of your website visitors. The most common is to ask visitors to give you their first name and their e-mail in order to send them something “free” that can be a digital book or software or even a cheap material object (eg, gadgets)

The term “free” always attracts visitors, especially when the overall presence of our website is attractive. It is most likely that most visitors will give you their e-mail to take this free stuff. Technically you can do this by putting a field in the homepage, where you ask for the visitor’s name and e-mail to subscribe to your newsletter , or to take something for free. You can also organize competitions, where some lucky winners will receive a gift. So to participate in the draw, your  visitors should give their e-mail and it will be registered in your database.

But where you will find that “free stuff” that be can given away to your members? Here appears a big issue in Internet Marketing called PLR products.  We explain everything with one example.

By visiting Surefirewealth you see that there are hundreds of products, books, software, graphics etc. offered with private rights. So when a book on this website has the indication “PLR rights”, this means that you can do practically everything you want with it, even to give it free of charge to your visitors! You can give away a product only if you have the appropriate rights to do this. If you become free memeber, you will have access to many products with giveaway rights, but if you upgrade to silver or gold member (by paying a small amount of fee), then you have access to many more products of much better quality.

If someone joins for free, then selecting Free Members -> Downloads, a list of products is being displayed from where you can download the product you want. Suppose you want to get the following book to give away

Use PLR products to build your listYou should focus on the pointed places. You click on «Click here to download» to download the product (the book in this case) to see if it related to your website theme and necesseraly to test its quality. It does not mean that when something is presented with a nice cover, it is a quality product, especially if you are a free member,you should check thoroughly the content of the book you want to give for free to your visitors as they are not all quality products.

When one becomes silver or gold member, products one can access are much better as far as the qulity. The underlined section: Includes Private Label Rights, is very important since if it is written something like “Personal Use Only” or “Includes Resale Rights”,  that means that we possibly have no right to give this book for free to anyone! In the listed products, you select the one you want to promote. To be 100% sure that you can give it free to everyone you have to select «Click here to download the reseller package» Then you will see a file called PLR-RIGHTS.txt which should be read very carefully. The file shows very detailed the rights that one has on the product. For example, the file of the selected product is being displayed below:

 How to make money from your list



Obviously, in order to give the product free of charge to your visitors you must check that the selected phrase highlighted above exists in the file, ie the phrase: You can give the product away.

But how will you manage your list?

You can do this on our own for free. But if your list is too long, it is likely to take the assistance of a company to manage all the issues related to the list building process. You need to have the control of all these:

  • How to control the content of the e-mails needed to be sent to your list.
  • How to schedule the time when the e-mails will be sent to your list.
  • How to create the form where your visitors will put their contact details.
  • How to integrate the receiving of the free e-book when your visitors fill in your form to subscribe.

The AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easymost reliable and highly recommended company for this process is Aweber. This company offers very good prices and a very easy to use menu . In your website you just put a field where your visitor will give name and e-mail in order to receive something for free, then, the names and the e-mails are automatically tranfered to Aweber control panel where you can easily manage the sending of these e-mails according to your instructions. More for Aweber here.


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