20 Essential on-site SEO techniques

Traffic from search engines is what you want for your website. Why ? Because traffic from search engines is FREE and TARGETED. In order to SEO your site, you need to do some on site process and other off site process. In this article we will focus on 20 essential on site SEO techinques that can surely boost your search engines rankings! We provide these seo techinques in a way that you can implement directly to your WordPress website.

Check list of 20 on site SEO techniques

Let’s say you have done keyword research and you located  a keyword that you want to rank for in search engines . You want to create a wordpress post  and you want this post  to rank high in search engines for this keyword. So, you need to follow this process

SEO techniques for your post

1. Put your keyword in the title of the post.

2. Put your keyword inside the permalink.

Permalink is the url of your post. Put your keyword in your permalink and make sure that your url is, in total, no more than 72 characters or 5 words. You can edit the permalink that is located under the title of your post as shown in the picture below

seo techniques 1 permalink

In order to be able to change your permalinks, go firstly to Settings–> Permalinks and click to “Custom Structure” and insert  /%postname%/ as shown in the image below:

SEO techniques - seo your permalinks

3. Put your keyword in your text one time per 100 words ( keyword density 1%)

4. Bold or underline once your keyword

5. Create a hyperlink using as anchor text your keyword in another post or page of your website and link your keyword to the post you create now. For example, the url of this post is: http://www.buildwebsiteguide.com/seotechniques/. In our homepage you can see that we created an anchor text using the keyword “seo techniques”. If you click there you are being redirected to this post. This shows to search engines that this post is strongly related to this keyword. ( The same process is good to be done and in external hyperlinks)

6. Put your keyword into H1 tag.

Make sure that inside your H1 tag, you will not have the same content with your title and limit it to 8 words.

7. Create a tag with your keyword in WordPress

make seo tags

8. Insert at least two images in your post. The file name of your images should contain your keyword

9. Put your keyword in the title of the image

10. Put your keyword in the alternative text of the image

The process of how to seo your images is shown in the screenshot below:

seo techniques for your image

11. Insert a youtube video in your post that contains your keyword in its title

12. Create a small table with your keyword in the meta desciption of the table

13. Put your keyword in the first sentence and in the last sentence of the post.

14. Put your keyword in the title of the “All in one SEO” plugin

15. Put your keyword two times in the description of the ” All in one SEO” plugin and once in the kewyord section of the plugin. 

Your title should not exceed 60 characters and your description should be between 120 and 160 characters. You can see the screenshot below to see how to configure the All in one SEO plugin

seo techniques configuring all in one seo plugin

16. Make sure that your post is full of unique and original content

17. Make sure that your post is at least 500 word length


SEO techniques for your entire website


18. Install All in one seo plugin

19. Create sitemap by installing xml-sitemap plugin

20. Install Google Analytics plugin to view the statistics of the visits of your post.

If you implement these seo techniques, your post will rank in search engines. If the competition of the keyword you want to rank for is low and if you manage properly all the seo off site process, you can even rank in the first page of google for your targeted keyword. 

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