SEO checklist. Print this SEO checklist and never forget a single SEO step.

seo checklistThe purpose of this article is to help you do all the SEO process very well when writing a new post on your WordPress website. Every time you add a new post, you should keep into consideration that if you don’t do all the SEO process correctly, this post will never rank high in search engines. As a result, you will not get visitors to your website from your new post and this is not what you want of course !

In this list I will not focus on things that you possibly already know. I am sure that you know that you should add unique content to your website and not copy paste content from other websites. I am also sure that you know that adding an article of 200 words will not help Google to rank high this post. . .

So, here is the SEO checklist that you can also print to never forget a single SEO action when creating a new post!

1. Keyword density: Keep it 1-2%.Don’t spam with your keyword.  For each 100 words add your main targeted keyword once or twice. The use of synonyms of your main keyword will also help.

2.Put your keyword in the first and in the last sentence of your article

3. Put your main keyword in the title of the post

4. Create internal links inside your post. Use related keywords to link to other posts or pages related to the post you create. One internal link for every 100-200 words is a very good ratio. This will help the ranking of your overall website

5. Add images SEOed to your post. One image for every 300 words is a very good ratio. For each image be sure to include your main keyword with some variation in the a) file of the image, b) the title of the image and the c) alt tag of the image. SEO image details – No 10 technique

6. Add h1 tag  properly. If your theme automatically converts the title of your post to h1 tag, don’t add a second h1 tag inside your post. You need only one h1 tag to appear in each of your pages.

search engine optimization7. Add h2, h3 , h4, h5 tags properly and in a way that it make sense for your readers and of course for search engines. If you don’t know how to use h1 tags, click here: proper use of h1 tags.

8. It would help to add a youtube video to your post that in the title and in the description shows the keywords you target through your post.

9. In the title of the SEO plugin you use, you need your keyword to be displayed. Make your SEO title less than 60 characters and make it different than your h1 tag.

10. The meta decription field should contain your main keyword twice and it should be less than 160 characters.

11. Highlight, bold or underline your main keyword at least two times inside your article

12. Article length: Make it more than 1000 words. This is not a widely accepted SEO ranking factor, but in my experience, search engines love much related content and of course unique content as said before

13. Fill in the post tags field. Don’t forget to put your main keyword in the tag field. Don’t make it too much. It will not help.

14. Change your permalink and include your main keyword in the url of the post. If you don’t know how to do it click here: Permalink structure change

15. Find another post inside your website (related to the post you just created) and create a backlink to the post you just create now using your main keyword. Do it at least once. That really helps. Trust me !

16. Ping your new url. Go to and ping your new url filling your keyword to the appropriate field.

17. Social bookmark your new post. Connect to Digg, Delicious, Stumbleupon, Reddit etc. and bookmark your new post.Read here the Top Social Bookmarking Websites

18. Write an article and publish it to the most famous article directory websites like ezinearticles, Articlebase, Squidoo, Hubpages etc. In this article include a backlink to your new post using as anchor text your main keyword. Click here for more on article writing and article marketing

19. Create blog comments in related websites. Make a good google research and create a new comment where you are allowed to do this. Don’t spam! Firstly read the post, see if there are also comments under the post and create a comment with your keyword as anchor text where it is allowed.

20. Create a Press Release and publish it to the most famous Press Release websites. This action can’t be done of course for any post but see it carefully if you can do this also. Press release websites are high authority websites and will contribute to your rankings

improve your Google RankingsThese 20 SEO actions will help your new post rank high in Google. Of course the position it will take depends on the current competition of each keyword.

Tips and advice for the best SEO results

It will help a lot if you make a very good keyword research before locating the keyword you are about to use for your article. Don’t forget that you can describe the same meaning using different keywords, so remember to choose a keyword that you have the best possibilities to rank high in search engines. In order to do this, read carefully this article : The best keyword research method

All your efforts will not go you anywhere if you don’t make firstly a very good keyword research!

In conclusion, if you do all these action steps each time you create a new post in your WordPress website, you will see your rankings getting higher!

For your PRINTABLE SEO CHECKLIST click here to download your SEO checklist in a PDF file. It’s yours, it’s free!


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