A complete guide to write an SEOed article to boost your traffic

seo articleThe purpose of writing a successful SEO article is to increase the number of visitors to your website that come from search engines. Since you own an affiliate website, your goal is to attract more people to purchase products or services you promote through your website.  In order to achieve this, your article should be not only search engine optimized but also  informative and it should gain the interest of your visitors.  Remember the more traffic the more sales, which means more profit.

A well-written SEO article is a sure way to promote and expand your business beyond your boundaries with practically no cost. If you own a business website, then you can increase its traffic with a SEO article that will assist internet users to find your bueiness. It can be a product, a book, a household item, a service etc..

Search engine optimization is an essential step for the success of your website, since it allows a website to rank higher on search engines.  Your target should be to get your website in the top four results for the keyword you are targeting.  Therefore , any time someone may be looking for a related topic will see your site among the first.  It is believed that  people limit their search to the first results, usually on the first page.  So, the higher on the list your website is the more visitors you will have.  And this should be your aim to increase your traffic.

A SEO article can be regarded as a promotion tool available to all internet users. What shop-window decoration is to a shop a SEO article is to a website. An attractive, informative pleasant article will keep your visitors in touch with your website. And this is good for your business,  it is like having the customer coming back to your store either to browse around or shop. So, be creative and even imaginative when it comes to writing your SEO article.

Characteristics of an SEO article

characteristics of a well SEOed articleUnique Content: Be unique! Never copy paste content from other websites!

Proper using of h1 tags: Organize your article. (click here for how to use h1 tags)

Keyword density: Use the keyword you are targeting 1 time every 100 words. Try to use also synonyms of your main keyword

Length of the article: Write articles with more than 1000words length. Sometimes article length can boost the rankings of your website!

Highlight – Bold – Underline: Use these effects to highlight your main keywords at least once in each paragraph

The importance of Keywords

It is advisable to do some research concerning  the keywords you need to use. Keyword can be any word or phrase that you can use in your article for SEO purposes.  Once you decide which particular words or phrases to use , write your article in such a way that it will be easily understood and appreciated by the reader .  Like every other reading material the more interesting the more it will be read and the more visits you will have.

The best way to choose the appropriate keywords for your article is to do a very good keyword research. Keyword research is a method that allows you to locate keywords that have many searches and at the same time it will be easy for you to rank your website in search engines.

For example, if you have created a website related to puppies, you may want to write an article and rank high for the keyword “puppy” but it will be very difficult for you to do so, since there are millions of websites that use the keyword “puppy” in their website and some of them are high authority websites with huge content inside and thousands of backlinks, so it will be extremely difficult for you to rank high for this keyword. Although if you target through your article the keyword “puppy shot schedule”, then it will be more easy for you to rank high in search engines using this keyword. Using keywords with two or three words inside make it more easy for your website to rank high in search engines for this keyword. So, don’t forget this tip when you are about to write an SEO article.

In order to locate keywordslocate keywords for your article that have many searches per month, you have to visit Adwords Keyword Tool. This tool is available from Google from free. You can visit it here: http://adwords.google.com Using this tool you should locate keywords that have more than 1000 searches per month and are related to the article you are about to write. After locating the appropriate keywords, then you can check the competition for each keyword either with a top SEO tool Traffic Travis or you can do it on your own if you have lot of time available. There are many factors you should check in order to make the decision to use or not to use this keyword for your article. For more detailed instructions that can help you make a perfect keyword research click here: Keyword Research

How to use keywords inside your article for best SEO results

However, you must be careful how you will use these keywords.  Keywords must be spread throughout your article in various ways.  Moreover, it is very important to include the main keyword in the first paragraph,  in your introduction.  Various keywords must appear in almost every paragraph.  The best way to achieve this is to have a ratio of one keyword to every hundred words .( Keyword density= 1%)

length of an SEOed articleLength of a well Search engine optimized article

Since there are millions of articles on the net for millions of topics, how you will show to search engines that YOUR article should rank higher than the others? I think that if the length of your article exceed the average length of articles used by most webmasters, then it should be fine for SEO. Most people add 500 to 700 word articles in their website. I believe that you need to do something more! So, if you can write articles with content 1000 words or more, then search engines will rank your article higher since you are considered to provide more information than others and since search engines want to provide the best user experience, they consider that larger articles means that possibly the visitor will find what he wants in your article.

Of course, the matter of the length of the article isn’t the only ranking factor and it doesn’t work always as described since Google algorithm is very complicated. Anyway from my experience long SEOed articles rank higher but I repeat, this is not a rule, it may happen for some keywords and for other keywords, this may not have the result you expect but for sure this method will not have negative impact in your rankings.

Where to find SEO articles written for you?

There are various companies you can find online that sell search engine optimized articles ready to be used in websites. There are also many freelancers that offer such services in very low prices. Outsourcing article writing is a very usual method that most webmasters use since it is a time consuming activity and you may not have free time available to write articles when you create your website.

The best websites to find a freelancer to write articles for you are:


Fiverr  (Most freelancers offer a 500word article for 5$)


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