Outsourcing article writing.Top cheap methods

outsourcing article writingThe most important thing you should take into consideration while creating your website is to find content to your website.Written content or multimedia or both of them. Google loves combination of both types of content.

Need content to your website? Article writing outsourcing

You need unique , attractive and relevant content to your website, right?

You possibly don’t have the time to write everyday articles for your website, and of course you don’t want to spend a fortune to buy articles for your website right?

So here I list the three most cheap methods to find content for your website.

Don’t ask for quality. . . because that depends on the writer and not on the websites we recommend.

You can find quality articles in all these sites, but you may find also very well written articles that you may not find anywhere else. So here is the list:


In this website you can find thousands of article writters that offer one or two articles for only five dollars! Make a good research, order the results by rating and popularity and read carefully the feedback of each gig.

You may hire someone to write articles for all your websites there!


This is by far the most cheap way to have your articles written. One article of 500 words costs 3$ only ! And the most amazing thing is that you pay for your articl ONLY if you are sutisfied with it! If your article is off topic or doesn’t meet your expectations, you simply don’t pay for it!


Odesk is the most serious company where you can find many freelancers to do various of jobs for you. Of course, one of them is article writting. One of the big benefits of Odesk is that you set the price! Fixed price or price per hour of work. You create the job description, you wait for the applictions of the freelancer, you make interviews and you hire the one that is the  most suitable for you.

Most applicants may have passed some tests regarding article writing. You may see if they have English skills, writting skills etc. You choose the person who qualifies for the job!

Article writting is maybe the most important thing for your efforts in online business. Many internet marketers say: If you know how to write, you can make money online!

Of course, you should know what are the most important characteristics of a well SEOed article, because this is what you want. Not only quality content, but content very well written to help search engines to find your article and help your website to rank better in search engines for your targetted keywords.

So here are the 10 most important things you should take care of:

1. The heyword on your title.

2. The keyword on the first setntence of your article

3. The keyword in the last sentence of your article

4. The keyword inside the articles highlighted, bold or underlined.

5. The keyword used as an anchor text  to an other link inside your website

6. Word count more than 500 words. 750 words is the best

7. Try to divide your article in many small paragraphs

8. Use h1tag inside your article including your targeted keyword

9. Use subtitles inside the article

10. Use headlines that sell! Use headlines that attract your visitors interest!

Hope that this article will help you online business!

“Content is king”

“Content is the key to success”

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