What are the two main sources of income from a website?

The two basic sources of income from your website are: Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense. These sources are used by millions webmasters. Since you increase the traffic of your website and you provide useful and attractive content to your visitors, it’s very possible to earn money from your website from these both income sources. Revenue from Affiliate Marketing

Companies that offer affiliate programs pay those who promotemaking money from your website them in two ways. In the first case, upon the sale which comes from your affiliate link, your commission automatically goes to your paypal account. For example, if through the affiliate link one buys a book priced 20 USD and the commission is set at 25%, then, at the time of sale, you recieve in your Paypal account USD 5 and the remaining 15 goes to the owner’s Paypal account .

In the second case, the payments are made after a short time. For example, the company “Commision Junction” manages the affiliate programs of thousands of companies. Among them are : TOSHIBA, HP, YAHOO, LEXMARK, DELL … So when someone promotes products of these companies and qualifies a commission, then periodically, once or twice a month, the company “Commision Junction” pays the affiliate the amount collected in commision until that time. Payments are made through Paypal, check or direct deposit.

Revenue from Google Adsense

Make money with GoogleGoogle pays once a month either by check or through the Quick Cash service of Western Union. As for the revenues from Google Adsense, these are calculated based on the clicks made on Google ads hosted in your website. In fact installing Google Adsense to your website (which is very easy, as you will see the working steps), then Google ads are deing displayed in your website as you can see in many other websites.

So when someone visits your site and simply click on these ads (without having to buy anything), you , as the owner of the site, take a small commision, whose amount depends on several factors. If your site has traffic, which is possible if someone follows all the work steps in our guide, then this amount can reach hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. . . .

How much money can someone earn doing this business?

If you work seriously in this field, you can make anything from a few dollars to thousands of dollars a month. To see how much revenue the sites create, you can visit www.flippa.com. In this site, thousands of websites are being sold on a daily basis. The selling price depends on the revenue the site brings to its owner. There you can find sites with revenue 150 dollars a month, sites with 1800 dollars revenue a month (like http://www.nlpdir.com) and websites with several thousands of dollars per month (from more experienced web developers). Revenue (net profit) comes from either Affiliate Income or Advertiseng Sales (eg Google Adsense)

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