Making money with a website – How to

There are so many ways to make money online. . . .Ways to make money online


Article writting

Translating documents

Browsing websites

Selling on Ebay


The question is:

Making money online with a website is easy or not ?

Do you want to make money by clicking some buttons? That means “easy” for you ?


You want to spend two hours a day and start making money from the 3rd or 4th month  ?

If you believe that you can make money simply by clicking some buttons you will browse websites that guarantee thousands of dollars by clicking buttons, you will purchase e-books with perfect sales pages, then you will get disappointed from them since you will realize that you need to spend more time or money to put these ideas in action and of course nobody will guarantee that these efforts will make you money !

So money by clicking buttons is simply a MYTH !

The most serious way to make money online by building a website is to do all the steps required slow and steady !!

You should choose your topic for your website, make a very good keyword research , add content to your website etc.

If you do all the steps needed to create a good website, it is almost guaranteed that you will make money . How much you will make? Nobody can answer this question , since this is BUSINESS.

Skills required to make money from your website:

1. Writing skills:

If you know how to write, if you can create easily attractive content that can really offer somehting valuable to your visitors , then your whole website will look attractive and your visitors will come again and again to read your posts and your recommandations

2. Designing skills.

You don’t need to be a designer to design a nice website. You should just take care of the WordPress theme you are about to choose for your website and you need to put well designed images and banners inside your website to create an attractive look

3. Capabilty to understand the link building process.

You need to build backlinks to your website as often as possible. In this article you are about to read the top ways to build backlinks to promote your website.

4. SEO understanding.

You need to understand how search engines work and do perfectly all the on-site SEO processes.

5. Marketing skills.

You don’t need to study marketing but you should be able to promote products with the best way possible. You should be able to understand the needs of your visitors and try to offer them products that respond to their needs. You should promote the best products for the real needs of your visitors.

So, if you have this skills or you are in the way to obtain these skills, you can make money online !

So from where to start ?

1. Read carefully our 7-step guide to create a money-making website.

You don’t need to buy e-books or other tutorials. In this guide you will find all the methods and technics that will help you to create the website you want. If you want to learn more around a specific topic, just google it ! Make a good google search or contact us to help you.

2. Create your personal plan.

Decide what type of website you want to build. You want a small adsense site or a website with affiliate products and secondly focusing on Adsense revenue. Then create your personal plan based on your target

3. Time schedule.

High revenue means more work. It’s simple!

Here are two examples:

First case: Big income

If you want to focus on building one website to make big money you need to work 2 hours a day and expect to receive revenue from the 3rd month. But your revenue may exceed 2000$ per month . In this case you need to make a good keyword research and target keywords with more than 25.000 searches per month with low competition

What you will do these 2 hours a day?

You will write one article of 500 words or more every day ( around 30 min.) You will post this article either to your website either to the popular article directories. ( Ratio 6/4 – 6 articles to your website / 4 articles to article directory sites)

You wil build 5-10 backlinks in forums, blogs, web directories ( around 60 min. )

You will build your social profile in social networks ( around 30 min.)

If you do all this work correctly, and you have the required skills, you will see that your website will receive lot of traffic from the first month, but your traffic will bring you really big money from the 3rd to 6th month.

Then, you may not need to work so much to have revenue from your website. Since you built an authority for your website, Google will rank your website well without the need to update your website content so much.

Second Case: Small Revenue Websites

If you don’t have two hours to work for one website, you can make a good keyword research and find keywords with 1000 searches per month with low competition. In this case you buy a good domain name and you build a website monetized primarly with Adsense. You can make easily this website to have traffic from search engines but since your targeted keyword has only 1000 searches per month, this will end to make you 50-100 dollars per month from the 2nd month or earlier.

Building websites like this requires good keyword research but then 2 hours a week are enough to keep these websites up in search engines. You will just update your content and build backlinks if needed.In conclusion, making money online with a website requires some skills from you. If you have them, you can easily make money! It’s up to you !


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