Make money with Google: Google Adsense explained

Google Adsense is the most famous and proven to work method to make money from your website. Almost every website displays Advertisements from Google. More details to understand how Google Adsense works can be found here : How to make money with google adsense

In this article we will get into the details you need to know in order to have Google Ads being displayed in your website. Every time a visitor of your website “clicks” to these advertisements, you get paid. On average you can make from 0,05 to 0,80 cents per click. The more traffic your website receives, the more money you can make with Google.

The main concept behind Google Adsense

1. Lots of companies want to advertise themselves to internet and they are willing to pay for this.

2. These companies create some banners or advertisement texts available to Google.

3. You can set some areas inside your website where these Google Ads will be displayed

4. In these areas, Google will put these Ads. (You don’t have the main control of the content of these Ads)

5. When a visitor of your website clicks to these Ads, he is being redirected to the company website and Google receives money from the company that is being advertised. ( For example 1$ for each visitor – click)

6. A share of Google Revenue goes to your account  ( since the click was made from your website) and then you get paid monthly from Google with the total amount collected the previous month.

Make money with Google – Google Adsense explained

In this section we offer a step by step guide to have Google Ads being displayed in your website. The result will be to have Google Ads live in your website like in the screenshot below:

Make money with Google

First Step – Create your account

So, the first thing you need to do is to create a Google Adsense account. So, you visit this link to create your account : After completing the sign up form, you need to paste an Adsense code inside your website and wait for about 3 days to have your account approved.

Second Step – Create your first Ad

In order to create your first Ad, just go to “My ads” and click: New ad unit as shown in the picture below:

Create a new Google Ad through Google Adsense


Then you will be redirected to the screenshot below:

Create a new Google Ad through Google Adsense

Before filling these fields, you need to know where you are planning to put your Google Ad. Firstly you need to know that widht and length are being counted in pixels. So, you need to know where you will put your Ad, what is the space available there. For example, if you want to put your ad as shown in the first picture, you create an ad with dimensions 250×250. That always depends on the place you want to put your ad. You can put Google Adsense Ads wherever you want in your website. You can put them inside your texts, inside the sidebars etc. Most of WordPress Themes inform you about the size of the sidebars, so you will always be aware of the dimensions of the Google Ad you need to create.

So, in each field you put these:

Make money with google
Ad name You put a name for the ad you are about to create. You can put whatever you want there. It is for personal use only
Ad size Here you set the size of your ad.
Ad type You can choose if you want your ad to display text or multimedia etc.
Back up ads If Ads can’t be displayed, you can set here to show blank space (the most common setting)

Custom channel is an advanced setting.

Then you can select ad style as shown in the screenshot below:

Money from Google Adsense


When you finish the process you click “save and get code”


Getting your Google Adsense code

Third Step – Paste your code to your website

Then you just highlight the code and you paste it in the area of your website where you want Google Ads to be displayed. The first time you paste the code, you will not see the ads immediately. You need to wait some hours or days to let Google investigate your website. There are some requirements that you need to follow in order to make Adsense work properly. Mainly, you need to have some content inside your website. (You can visit this link to see all the requirements to have your adsense account approved )

After completing these three steps, and you have your adsense account approved, you can create as many types of Ads you want (ad units) When clicking My ads –> Content –> Ad units, you can se the list of the ads you have created.

Google Ad units


You can also get the report of each ad. That means that you will always know how much money this type of ad brought to you! You can also “get code” if you want to paste the same code to other websites or areas inside of your website. Then the same type of ad will appear there. Under summary, you see the type of your ad and the size.

Google Adsense advertisements

In conclusion, making money with Google is possible if you have a website that receives traffic. If you follow our 7 step guide to create a website, you will see the soonest possible traffic to your website and you can make real money from the visitors of your website. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online. You just need a website with traffic that is possible if you follow these methods that work. 

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