Keyword research- Is it necessary?

They key for the most effective keyword research!

Effective keyword researchKeyword research is maybe the most important issue you should take into consideration while building a website for money. Without a good keyword research, all your efforts may not bring you money into your pocket smiley

So what is the purposes of the keyword research?

1. Doing a good keyword research, you locate words or phrases with lots of searches per month. These are the important keywords for you. For example, if  you want to build a website about losing weight, it is very important for you to know that the phrase “losing weight”: has only 49500 searches per month and the phrase “how to lose weight fast” has 368000 searches per month.

What does this mean? That you need to know how most people search sth on the web. If you want to lose weight you may type in Google Search “losing weight” but you need to know that most people who want to lose weight type “how to lose weight fast” Creating a website and targeting the phrase “how to lose weight fast” means that you are likely to have 5 times more traffic than targeting the phrase “losing weight” So you need to know how internet users search for sth in Google.

2. You need to know the competition. That means that you need to know for each keyword you target, how high the competition is. As explained in the 2nd step of our guide ( Keyword research) you may find keywords that in the first 10 search results, there don’t exist websites with high Google Page Rank or with lot of related content or not with many backlinks etc. This means that it is likely to build a website targeting such keywords and make your website appearn in the first page of Google for this keyword.

3. After a good keyword research, you will do all the On-site SEO and Off-site SEO process, targeting the right keywords. So it is very important to have from the beginning the right keywords! This will help your rankings very much!

keyword researchIn conclusion, I can say that if you good a very good keyword research before creating your website, the success of your website is Guaranteed! Since you are creating an affiliate website, it is almost guaranteed that you will make money from it. How much? Nobody can answer, but it is sure that you will make money, since if you do correctly all the 7 steps of our guide, you will see big traffic to your website! 

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Step 2: Keyword research – Choose the best

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