Internet Marketing Tools

While creating a website, you will need many tools that will help you create a perfect website to attract visitors and achieve your goals. There are many categories of internet marketing tools you may need. Here we list the top internet mareting tools for each category of tools.

Website Creation Tools

Drive Your Message to the Web with a $5.99 .COM from GoDaddy.comDomain name

In order to create website, you need a domain name and a hosting account. The cheapest and the most reliable company to get a domain from is Godaddy. They offer very low prices and an excellent customer service.

Having a domain name to create a website is your first step in the website creation process. Get your domain name from Godaddy!


Hosting Account

Since you got your domain name, you need a hosting company to have the files of your website hosted. Hostgator is a huge company you can trust for your hosting needs. They offer very low prices, while providing you with top quality services. They now serve more than 8 million domains! [Don't forget to use discount oupon code "ergasiaon24" on your first purchase in Hostgator to get a 25% discount on their prices] Create your hosting account!

Wordpress ToolLearning WordPress

If you manage to create your website with WordPress, you may need a complete guide with Videos to learn all the features of Worpdress. WordPress 301 is a video series that offers you a 47 video course to learn everything about WordPress. WordPress is the most famous website builder that offer you unlimited features for your website. It is not difficult to learn. You just need to have a good guidance! Get your WordPress video series here!

website templatesWordPress themes

Since you are about to create your WordPress website, you need to find a theme (template) that fits to your website topic. Themeforest is one of the most famous company where you can find top quality WordPress themes in very low prices for your website. Just browse the themes and select the best depending on the topic of your website Get your WordPress Theme here


The Easiest Way to Create a Website. Weebly.comWeebly tools

A very good WordPress alternative is Weebly. With Weebly you can choose to create either a free website or not. Weebly offers you a very nice and easy to use website builder and you can create your website just by drag and drop some elements. There are very nice templates ready to use for your website. In fact, Weebly offers you all the most common features you want for your website, so you don’t need to study for hours in order to make the changes you want in your website. Create your website with Weebly!

Create a website with

One of the most easy to use online platforms to create your website is nice templates, domain registration, hosting services and a great customer service are available to help you make a perfect website fast and easy. You can even create an e-shop by clicking a few buttons !

Create your website with Webself now!


Internet marketing graphic tools

internet marketingInternet marketing graphics

Marketing Graphics Toolkit offers you hundreds designs ready to import to your website. Headers, images, buttons, templates, Font styles etc that you can use to promote whatever you want through your website. Adding nice designs to your website will reduce your bounce rate index and increase your returning visitor index. Remember that in Marketing, it is very important not only to offer sth useful to your visitors but also to offer it in a very attractive way! Get your Marketing Graphics Toolkit

internet marketing imagesTop quality images

Of course, you will need some quality images for your website. There are hundreds of website worldwide where you can find photos to add to your website. Stockfresh is a company that offers you the choice to choose among thousands of high quality pictures. At the same time, they offer maybe the lowest prices in the market! You can visit their website to enjoy their quality photos and of course their very low prices! Get top images for low prices !


Search Engine Optimization Tools

The best SEO tool

Traffic Travis is a software that can really help you boost your search engine traffic. The good point is that you pay it once and you can use it for ever and for all of your websites. It is used by over 250.000 webmasters worldwide! Traffic Travis can save you time and help you in your internet marketing efforts. With Traffic Travis  you can do keyword research while analyzing lots of factors that affect the competition. There are lots of other features of course like: backlink analysis, search engine ranking analysis, seo on site analysis, spy on PPC competitors etc.

It is a key software for your internet marketing success! More for Traffic Travis here.


OnlyWireSocial Bookmarking Tool

The best social Bookmarkgin Tool is named Onlywire! It is used bey thousands of webmasters and it is a real must have internet marketing tool. Creating an account in Onlywire allows you to post your content with a click of a button to more than 40  top social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbeupon, Reddit etc. You simply add the url of your post, the title of your post, a short description and your keywords and you click “Submit” Then Onlywire bookmarks this URL automatically to more than 40 social networks!

By this way you make your website social and you also create backlinks that make a perfect SEO juice! Enjoy Onliwire!


Article Directory and Web Directory Submission Tool

Backlinks from web directories and article directories are essential for traffic and for the SEO process. With Submiteaze you can submit your website automatically to over 4000 web directories and your article to 1000 article directories! It is a must have SEO tool that can boost your rankins. Backlinks from article directories are considered to have high SEO impact and this is why this tool is one of the best internet marketing tools! More for Submiteaze here!


Sick Submitter - Top internet marketing toolComplete solution for multiple internet marketing tasks

If you be professional in promoting your website through whitehat SEO methods and create throusands of backlinks from various types of websites, then Sick Submitter is the perfect solution for you! Using Sick submitter, you can create thousands backlinks for your website with one click ! You can create profiles in forums, social bookmark your website, post articles to article directories, submit your website to web directories, submit your RSS to other RSS directory websites, submit comments for your website to various blogs etc. It is one of the best tools that can really boost your search engine rankings! You can try it for free using this link: Try Sick Submitter for free!

E-mail marketing Tool

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

The most famous and easy to use e-mail marketing tool is Aweber! Using Aweber, e-mail marketing is easy! You can send e-mail to your list with a click of a button. You can import your list with your contacts, you can create nice opt-in forms to get the e-mails of your visitors etc. Creating a newsletter or a series of e-mails when the visitors subscribe to your list is a very good way to interact with your contacts and promote them products or services that they may need. Don’t forget that many internet marketers claim that “the money is in the list” So this e-mail marketing tool can really help you make money either by promoting other people products or by promoting your own products. Get the best e-mail marketing tool here!


Free internet marketing tools

The best and free icons for your website can be found here:

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