Internet Terms Explained

Here we manage to explain all the Basic terms that you may come up while creating a website and planning to make money from it.

Basic Internet Terms for website creation

Adwords Keyword tool

Adwords Keyword ToolAdwords Keyword Tool is a Google Tool that you can use for free and see how many searches per month each keyword has. You can simply visit: and click: “Tools and Analysis” and then “Keyword Tool” as shown in the picture.

Don’t forget to click to  [exact] under the field “match types” on your left in order to see the exact searches per month your keyword has. It is the most important tool in the keyword research process.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing includes all methods of promoting products being sold online in order to earn a commission after each sale. When through your actions, you send a visitor from your website to another website  in order to make a purchase, then, since this visitor becomes buyer,  you earn a commission. Read more here: Affiliate Marketing


Domain Name

domain nameDomain name is the name of your internet space. It is the name of your web adress where you can upload your content that will be visible to the internet users. For example: is our domain name


Google Free Tools

google free toolsGoogle provides you with many free tools that are very important in the website building process. To access all these tools you just need a Google Account and to sign up to each tool with the same login details. For example, if you have a Gmail account you can access all the other Google Tools with the same login details after signing up.

Here we mention the most important free Google Tools:


Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is the best tool that you can use to track your website visitors. You can see the amount of your visitors daily. You can see their demographic characteristics, the duration of each of their visit etc. It is a must have tool for your website! To access Google Analytics just go here:



Google Adwords

Google AdwordsGoogle Adwords is the main platform you can use to create an advertisement that will be published by Google. Google Adwords uses a PPC system. PPC means Pay Per Click. It is the best and the most effective way to advertise online since with this system you pay ONLY for the amount of the real visitors of your wesbite. You pay for each click to your ad that redirects the visitor to the website you are advertising.

To access this tool simply click here: Google Adwords



Google Adsense

Google AdsenseThe most famous way to make money from your website is named Google Adsense! Google Adsense is a free program you can install to your website and have Google Ads displayed in your website. Then you get paid for each click made to these ads from your visitors.

To sign up to Google Adsense click here: Google Adsense

Click here to learn the details on how to make money with Google Adsense

Search engine optimization (SEO)

search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to search engines with the purpose to receive FREE traffic from search engines. For example when somebody searches through Google with the keyword “how to build a website” you want your website to be displayed on the first page of Google for the selected keyword. By this way you will receive free traffic from search engines that is the most important thing you need for your website! Click here to learn more: Search Engine Optimization explained

In order to achieve this, you need to do some actions inside your website (SEO on site) and outside your website (SEO off site)


SEO on site

SEO on site includes all the actions you need to do inside your website to help your website rank higher in Google. Using the right keywords in the titles of your posts, using h1 tags in your content etc are some actions need to be done in your website to help search engines understand that your website is strongly related to the keywords you have targeted. Furthermore with SEO on site, you try to show to Google that you offer useful information around the keywords you target through your website. For all the SEO on site techniques click here: SEO Techniques

SEO off site

SEO off site includes all the actions need to be done OUTSIDE your website to boost your search engine rankings. Link building is the main purpose of SEO off site. You need to build links in other websites that link back to your website. More info about SEO off site here: Link Building

Keyword research

keword researchThe process of searching for keywords that are strongly related to your website topic, have many searches per month and you can easily rank for. Keyword research is one of the most important steps while you plan to create your website. You need to find keywords related to your website topic, that have many searches per month and of course, the competition is low and there are possibilities to rank for. For more click here: Keyword Research


hostgator hostingSince you can’t directly plublish your content to the web, you need a server to host the files of your website. Then these files will be published to the internet through this server. Server is a ” huge Hard Disc ” where the files of your website are hosted and form there they will be published to the net. If you want to use a unique domain name (not branded) you need to pay a monthly fee for these hosting services in order to have your space available to the server.

Hostgator is one of the most famous companies worldwide that provide high quality hosting services in very low prices. (Don’t forget to use this discount coupon code to have 25% discount on the currect Hostgator pricing on your first purchase: “ergasiaon24″) To learn more about Hostgator click here: Hostgator Review


Wordpress websiteWordPress is the most famous website builder worldwide. It is a kind of software that you can install easily to your website through or through your hosting account and you can easily create and post content to your website. WordPress offers you unlimited benefits since you are able to create a website without knowing html codes, programming etc.

WordPress page

WordPress page is a page you can create with WordPress with static content that will be displayed wherever you want inside your website

WordPress category

If you are planning to create content for a specific topic on a regular basis, then you can create a WordPress category and when you create new posts you can set them to be displayed under the right category.

WordPress post

WordPress post can be an article, photos, videos etc that are included in one post and will be displayed inside the category you choose.

Html code

Html codesHtml code is the code used to create websites. Html code may include symbols or letters etc that if they are being created properly they will result in creating the element you want for your website. For example, this html code: <a href=””>how to create a website<a/> is the html code that produces this: how to create a website , that when you click there you are being redirected to your homepage.

Social Bookmarking

TOP SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITESSocial Bookmarking is the process of bookmarking your website in other social websites like Digg, Delicius, Stumbleupon. You need to create links in these websites in order to make your website more social and to boost your website rankings. Click here for the Top Social Bookmarking sites


Google Page Rank

Google Page RankGoogle Page Rank or Google PR is an “quality” index provided by Google to all websites. The value of PR depends on the content of the website, of the backlinks, of the history of the website etc. It is a result of a huge algorith. When you create a website, it has PR 0, then after adding content, doing all seo onsite and seo off site process, PR goes from zero to one, then to two etc. The maximum PR is 10. In fact it is very difficult for the websites to increase their PR after PR 2.

For example, Page Rank 10 is given only to Google. PR 9 is given to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. A very important factor of Page Rank is the age of the domain. It is considered that as much backlinks you have from websites with high Page Rank, then you can increase your website rankings. This may be is true, but backlinks in high PR websites are not the ONLY factor that help your search engine rankings. There are hundreds of factors that have influence in your rankings

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic rankAlexa Traffic Rank is an index given by that shows the rank of each website based on its Traffic. The lower this index is, the higher traffic the website has. Higher traffic means more daily visitors. For more click here: Alexa Traffic Rank