Using top internet marketing methods to promote your business website

Using internet marketing to promote your website

When you create your website, your first target should be to drive traffic to it, right? You will possibly hear many internet marketers talking about SEO, and how effectively could be a very good SEO service. Although SEO actions can really bring tons of traffic to your website, you should not limit your internet marketing efforts to SEO action steps.

A simple example

For example, a no follow backlink in a low PR website could be considered as not a good SEO practice but if this website receive a large amount of traffic and it is strongly related to the topic of your website, this could lead to a traffic increase of your website.

Finding the most suitable blogs or forums to promote your website

So, what are the other methods that you can use to drive quality traffic to your business website? Firstly, you should locate the exact audience you want to target. For example, if you are selling toys from China, you should consider creating a good listing in the most famous website worldwide for wholesale trading, This may not be a back link with an anchor text ( as most SEO specialist would advice) but it’s a link that can really drive high quality customers to your website.

Depending on the topic of your website, on the type of your website, you should try to find the best websites where you can promote yours for free ( if possible) Some blogs may also offer you high quality visitors. For example, make a Google Search using keywords related to your website and post useful comments to the blogs that will appear in the first search results. Alternatively, you can search for forums where there are discussions related to the topic of your website and register to participate in these related threads.  Here is a screenshot that will show you the way to search for high traffic blogs and forums where you can leave a comment with a link to your website:

internet marketingSearching by this way, you will be able to find fast other websites where you will be able to promote your own website. These links may not contribute anything to your SEO efforts but they are capable to bring you tons of traffic to your website. Just, create nice, attractive and useful comments or posts to these blogs or forums.

Creating business listings in the business directories

Another way to promote your website is by creating business listings. Business listing are the listings you can create in business directories. For example, if you are a photographer, make a good Google Search for “Photographer Directories”. You will come up to this directory: Creating a listing there is free and can contribute to a high quality traffic to your website since it’s likely that many people visit this website to find the photographer they need for an event. Make great listings with a good description of the services or your products you are selling!

Using Craigslist or other classified ads websites

There are also many websites where you can create a listing with your business website but the most famous worldwide is Craigslist. Many people don’t know that you can promote almost everything through Craigslist. Just browse the categories and find the correct category that is the most suitable to your business. Then make an attractive listing to promote your business. It’s free and it’s easy! Craigslist receives tons of traffic especially in United Kingdom and in USA. Many people use Craigslist effectively to expand their business. Depending on the country you offer your services, you will be able to find free classified ads websites that are free and are receiving a large amount of traffic everyday.

craigslist marketing

Using paid ads to increase your traffic

Advertising your website through Google Adwords is the most popular way to bring new visitors-customers to your website. Using Adwords, you pay only for the traffic you receive. For example, even if your advertisement is being displayed 1000 times and only 10 people visited your website, you pay only for these 10 people. How much you will pay depends on the current CPC ( Cost per click that is determined by the current bids) On average each click to your website may cost you between 0,10 to 1 dollar. But this still depends to the topic of your website. To create an account in Google Adwords, simply visit this address:

Although Google Adwords is the most popular way to promote effectively your website, you can also implement another method that is also effective. Websites that already receive large amount of traffic for a related topic, create their own advertising programs. For example, the most famous news website has its own advertising program that is described here: You can also search for this kind of websites in This website helps businesses to find other website to advertise their business.


In order to promote your business website in the most effective way, simply be creative, sit down and think what are the possible websites where you will be able to find customers for your business. Make a good research. Check the statistics of the website you are about to create a link for your website. Visit to see the traffic that this website has to consider if it’s worth to create a link or an advertisement there. Locate your audience and create attractive promotional “texts” for your website. 

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