How to install a wordpress theme

installing a wordpress themeSince you just finished WordPress Installation, you need to create the basic layout  of your website.The design of your WordPress website is named ” WordPress Theme” So in this Part of our WordPress Guide, we will explain:

How to install a WordPress Theme in your website

What is WordPress Theme ?

WordPress Theme is the basic design of your website. There are thousands of free WordPress Themes in the internet. You should make a very good Google Search in order to find a good and attractive WordPress Theme. Of course you need to find a WordPress theme stronlgy related to the topic of your website  Let’s get into it with one example. . .

Visiting you will see a WordPress Theme suitable for real estate websites. A screenshot is provided below:

wordpress guide


We let’s get into a small anatomy to this WordPress Theme to help you understand the basics of a WordPress theme.

So, this WordPress Theme offers you the ability to have two main menus in your website. MENU 1 is located above the LOGO and MENU 2 is located below the logo. You can easily set what will  be displayed there. ( Exaplained later ) You need to create menus that can help people to find easily what they want inside your website.

LOGO is a simple image that you can customize, delete, edit or simply create your own and upload.

The content you will create ( articles, images etc ) will be displayed in the main content area. The right column is the place where you can add many features from the widget area. You need to know that this column is fully customizable from the widget area in your WordPress Dashboard. In this column you can put banners to promote products, you can add menus, you can add videos, photos etc. . . Some Themes have a column on the left. Others have two columns on both sides.

While choosing your WordPress Theme, you need to see the demo in order to know how your website will look like. You need to know where the widget area wil be displayed, where will be your main content area etc.

Of course, you also need to know that you can add or remove some elements. In this example, you can see in the home page one feature that allows you to have some featured posts that will be displayed in the front page with a large clickable photo. If you don’t like this feature you can simply delete it through your dashboard.

Furthermore, if you want to install a WordPress Theme that doesn’t show this feature in the front page, you can add it through a wordpress plugin. ( WordPress plugins are small programms that you can install and add new features to your WordPress website) But in this section, we will not get into these details.

So, what you need from a WordPress Theme?

You need your WordPress Theme to be:

1) Strongly related to your website topic

2) Attractive

3) Easy customizable

4) User friendly

So, let’s say that you found the WordPress Theme and you are ready to install it to your website, how you will do this ?

It is very simple !

Just go to the Appearance section in your WordPress Dashboard menu and click to “Themes”

how to install a WordPress Theme

So, by clicking the “Themes” button you are redirected in the main WordPress Theme section where you can choose either to upload a theme from your computer, either to search for a WordPress theme through the search option.

By clicking ” themes” you will be redirected to this screenshot:

Installing WordPress ThemeAfter clicking ” Install Themes” you will be redirected to this screenshot:

Uploading a WordPress Theme

Now, you have many options to search for a suitable WordPress theme through the “search” option. You just type the keywords related to your website and you will select the WordPress theme more suitable for you. You have many search options as you can see (colors, columns etc)

So, you have two choices here:

1) Searching for a WordPress theme using the search options that appear here. In this case, the search results will be WordPress themes that are included in database. Although, not all WordPress themes are included in this database. This is why you have a second option

2) You can click “upload” and upload a WordPress theme from your computer.If you make a good Google search with the terms ” WordPress themes” and your keyword, you will find  thousands of WordPress themes. Some of them are free, some of them are not. If you find a good WordPress theme, you can download the file and save it in your computer. WordPress theme is a file in a .zip format.

So, after downloading it to your computer, you can upload it here and then click “INSTALL NOW” and “ACTIVATE”

Since you learnt how to install a wordpress theme, you are ready to start creating content and posing it to your website!

VIDEO 1 : WordPress Theme Section

VIDEO 2: How to add a WordPress Theme


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