Why you CAN make money with Google Adsense?

Have you ever wondered why there are so many information free on the internet? Why there are so many websites that offer useful info for free? What are the benefits of these websites? What are the benefits of the websites that we visit to get informed about the weather (for example) ?

Have you ever noticed that in almost every website you may visit you will see something like this ?

Make money with Google AdsenseSo what is this all about?

These are advertisements from the famous Google company. Google is not ony a search engine, Google is the largest advertising company worldwide. But lets see exactly how it works.

For example, when a website promotion company wants to send traffic to its website, then the company creates a small advertisement like this:

Website Promotion

Let us promote

your website and

send you real traffic !

www. domain of the company.com

By creating this advertisement, this company makes a deal with Google and Google is responsible to display this ad and when someone clicks to this advertisement and being redirected to the website of the website promotion company, then, this company pays to Google a smal amount of fee. For example every click may cost to the company 0,30 cents.

So if Google displays this ad 100 times and 2 people click in this ad, then the company pays 2x 0,30 = 0.60 cents to Google.

But, in what places will Google display this advertisement?

There are two main places where Google display the ads

1) Around the search results.

For example, if you type the word ” website promotion” in the Google Search bar, then you will see advertisements from related companies around the search results. Here is an example:

Make money with Google Adsense

So, as you can see, around the search results, advertisements by Google are being displayed. As explained before, every time someone clicks to an advertisement, the company pays to Google a small amount of fee that varies (0,10 – 1,00$ in most cases)

2) In websites that host Google ads.

This is the matter becomes interesting. . . ! If you have a blog or a simple website you can decide where to have Google Ads being displayed in your site! So, when the visitors of your website click to Google ads, you will get paid from Google for this “click” made by your efforts. So you may get paid 0,05 – 0,80$ in most cases for every single click that is made to Google Ads through your website. Google shares with you a part of its income since the visitors of your website clicked to the Google Ads.

Making money with Google Adsense: Easy or not?

You may think that your Google Adsense earnings will not be high since the amount paid per click seems to be low, but if you build a website like described in this 7 step guide, this is not at all difficult. If your website receives lots of traffic daily,you can make a very good monthly revenue. There are websites that earn 1000$ or more per month just from these advertisements. You can browse www.flippa.com where there are lots of websites for sale and you can see that many of them have already a notable monthly revenue from this source.

Making money with Google Adsense requires some efforts from your part in order to attract visitors to your website. Since your website has traffic, revenue from Google Adsense is guaranteed !

And be careful: Never try to cheat Google, your account will get banned immediately!

You can register for free to Google Adsense through this link: http://adsense.google.com

More details about how to make money with Google and how to put Google Adsense in your website can be found here:

Make money with Google !

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