How to make money from your website?

How to make money from your website ?


There are three ways to make money from your website.

Affiliate Marketing- Promoting other people products. 

You need to know what products to promote and how to promote them. You need to write articles for these products and post them into your website. You also need to put banners for these products inside your website.

Google Adsense.

You should put Google Ads inside your website. You need to know how to put them and where to put them.

List Building.

The money is in the list. You can create a submsciption form in your website and give away a product in order to have more members in your list. How to create the form? How to manage the list? Where to find the free product to give away?

For all the answers to these questions just visit the STEP 6 in our guide: How to build a website Step 6  

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