Step 4 Adding content to your website

add articles, media, photos to your websiteHaving completed the previous steps you now have a website that can be accessed by internet users, now, you have to add content to your site. The content of the website is divided into three main categories: Text – Photos – Videos.

Before adding content you must first define the basic design of your site through the selected platform. In Weebly and WordPress the basic design of the website is called “Theme”. In other platforms it is named «template». This is the background of the website, which determines how the menu appears on your website, etc. The template you should pick to create your site should be related to your main topic.

Adding content to your website

The content of the site should be built based on this basic design. For example, having chosen the current theme, the menu of your website, will appear necessarily, on the left side of the screen, as you can see on the left of your screen. Other themes are made so that the menu appears on the right side of the screen. Other themes are dark, other colorful, etc. Always pick a theme-template, related to the topic of your website.

Putting in the search bar of Google “free wordpress themes” you can find lots of free themes and you can install whatever you like best. The same applies if you want to build your website with Joomla. Searching through google “free joomla templates” you will definitely find a suitable theme for your website.

After choosing the design, and before adding content, it is suggested to create a menu on the homepage, which will be made in that way so visitors may understand easily where to find the information they want. Surfing on Internet , you can visit sites related to your main topic and you can get ideas for your website.

To fill therefore your website with written content you must never copy-paste articles from any site you find them. It is illegal to copy articles from one site and paste them to your own if you do not own the appropriate license or you do not mention the source of the article. Most article directories sites (sites that host articles of various topics) do not allow to readers to reproduce the articles found on their websites even with paraphrases.

So, where you can find easily articles to enrich the content of our website? There are two main ways to enrich the content of a site with text content. Depending on your time available,. you can use any way you like, or a combination them.

1. You can make a search in Google on the topic of your article and write the article yourself. The article directories sites with class-leading the host thousands of articles on all topics, from where one can get ideas (not copy-paste) to write your own.

2. If someone has limited free time, you can visit and hire someone to write one or two articles for 5 dollars

A great tool for article Writting – PLR Articles

For everyone who wants to write articles there is a great tool called PLR ​​articles. PLR articles are articles that you can have full Rights (Private Label Rights) and you can reproduce them and put them in your website legally. Having spent much time searching for a good package of PLR articles, we strongly suggest the plr-packs containing over 200,000 articles in 650 issues for the low price of 50$. The pack contains 12 GB of useful material including photographs, logos, templates, plugins, software, books, graphics etc that you may need if you deal with this online job.

Before analyzing the matter of PLR articles , we must explain the value of unique content to your site. If Google “identify” that you just created a site with the same content (eg an article) to other sites, then automatically this site will be degraded , and it would be very difficult to appear in the first search results for any keyword. Conversely, when your website has unique content on the internet, then Google considers it as a quality site and it will be much easier for you to reach a good place in search results. This means that the content in the site should not appear to any other existed website.

As far as PLR articles. of course, we are not the only ones who bought them but also thousands of others, so it is very possible that some people have put the same content in their websites.So, in order to avoid duplicate content in your website, you should use PLR articles as a written material that we can legally rephrase and enrich, in order to produce unique and quality content for the site.

In PLR ​​articles you can replace entire phrases or words with synonyms, you can add a paragraph, you can remove some phrases, you can combine articles to each other, etc. All these actions are prohibited from dealing in most articles published on the internet. The objective however remains the same, the final text to be unique on the internet and high quality one.

If you want easily paraphrase PLR ​​articles, you may visit the website in order to find synonyms for the word you want. But for anyone who wants to fully automate the process of paraphrasing PLR articles there exist special programs that do this job called article spinning programs. You put the text into the program and you will have automatically generated different versions of your text on the basis of synonymous words and expressions. The best Article Spinning programs can be found in the following websites. These programs offer you all possible synonyms for each word or phrase you want to translate and you choose the best! You can choose between Best spinner and Magic article rewritter. You can watch the videos on their websites to see exactly how these programs work.

As far as the proccess of uploading articles on your website, especially when you build your website using WordPress, you should never expect traffic just by posting in one time 50 articles without doing anything else. You must update your website with new material regularly, at least every 2-3 days.

Of course you need to find images to decorate your website. And it is also forbidden to copy any images you want from the Internet and display them on your website. You can find free images in and in Dreamstime. If you want to pay for high quality images, then Shutterstock is suggested.

In this point, we should mention that you can also sell photos or landscapes online. You can choose some quality photos from your album either from your vacation, or from images that you created yourself in Photoshop, etc. The websites that you can sell photos are : Dreamstime and Freedigitalphotos

Finally, regarding the video content, you can put videos from youtube in your website or you can create one for free via the following website video related your subject.


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