Step 1: Website ideas to build your website

Before you start building how to build a website - website ideasa website, you must first choose your topic.  Although you are free to choose a topic of your choice, you need to know some methods to choose the topic for your website.

So, how to find profitable website ideas ?

There are three main ways to pick a topic for your money making website.

1nd method: You make a good research in the affiliate networks and locate products that sell and offer high commisions. Then, you simply choose your website topic related to these products. Check our research into the biggest affiliate networks about the top money making categories of products. So, it will be easy for you to discover a website idea related to one of these categories. Discover our research here: Top money making website ideas from the top affiliate networks !

2rd method: You can find out what are the most profitable keywords. Profitable keywords according to Google Adsense are keywords that the Advertisements related to them have high CPC. That means for the website owner : high revenue from each click !

3th method: You can see which keywords can bring you traffic more  “easy” and create a website based on these keywords.  This method is more difficult and it is necessary to use a  Keyword Difficulty Tool and make a very good keyword research (Step 2 Keyword Research)

Attention ! Whatever the topic of your website will be, you should always choose a topic that already interests you. You can more easily write articles about a topic that you are already interested in and have some basic knowledge. You will easily enrich the content of your website, having been personally involved with this topic. You can easily find photos, videos and whatever else will be needed since you already know your topic well.

However,  what are the tips you should know while choosing your topic ?

– The topic of your website should not be very wide, but be as specific as possible. For example, “diet” is a very general topic “diet with vegetables” is more specific, and  “AtkinsDiet  ”  is even more specific. Why ? Because you can’t target lots of keywords at the same time with one website!

– The website is good to be informative rather than promotional.  It should include interesting and useful material on the selected topic in order to gain the interest of the visitors and provide information that corresponds to their needs. You need to be able to create attractive content to offer it to your visitors.

Your website should not be full of ads and promotion material.  What is recommended,  is to have a page in your website named Product Reviews – Product Overview (E-Shop, or Shopping, etc.) and in this section you will promote products that are  related to the subject of your website (Step 5 choose profitable products) Of course displaying banners in various areas of your website is required.

– You should know what visitors may expect from your website ! For example, if your website subject is «alternative energy sources» (alternative energy). It  is advisable to present articles that cover all the aspects of this theme. The articles published from our website should contain interesting material corresponding to the following questions:

What are the most common alternative energy sources?

What are the pros and cons of using alternative energy sources?

Which of the alternative energy sources are environmentally friendly?

Why  should we increase their use?

How to use the sources ?

When did  people begun to use alternative energy sources?

So, remember to be able to answer through your website to “who, when, why, what, where and how” questions!

What is the most common reason that people will visit your website ?

Apart from these questions, you should know that one of the main reasons someone is searching for information on the internet is to solve a problem that has appeared.  Therefore, you  should see what  the potential problems  that an average person may have  and are related to alternative energy sources.

money making website ideasWhat alternative energy sources  one can use for home or business?

Which alternative energy sources are cheaper?

Is there  another form of energy to power my house?

How can I protect the environment by using alternative energy sources?

Can I make my own solar panels for my home and use the energy generated?

What other options do I have for heating in addition to traditional?

What other websites can help you create attractive content ?

Also, you can visit  press websites, such as, etc. From there you will see the current affairs and write articles that  combine these news with the topic of your website.

For example, in the homepage of CNN, there was for a  long time, the subject of the economic crisis in Greece.  So, if our website topic is “alternative energy sources”, you could write articles explaining how Greece could take advantage of the alternative energy sources available, in order to improve its financial situation (eg production of energy from solar panels or wind turbines and export to other countries). Articles related to the current  news, easily attract visitors to your website.

The most important thing is to be able to provide useful information and advice through your website. Information that attracts visitors !

We created a special category where you can find many tips and advice to help you find website ideas. Just click here: Website Ideas

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