Hosting WordPress – Which company to choose?

Since you are about to create your first website with WordPress you need to find a reliable company for your Hosting WordPress services. Hosting WordPress is now easy with almost every hosting company you may choose. WordPress is the most famous website builder that is being used worldwide and that’s why all hosting companies have integrated this platform in their plans.

Hosting WordPress – How simple is it?

Most hosting companies offer you the ability to install WordPress instantly to your account through their control panel, so you just make a few clicks and you are done. Then you just login with your wordpress login details to your WordPress website and you make all the changes to your website through WordPress dashboard.

Choosing Hostgator for your Hosting needs  – Top benefits

Hostgator is one of the best companies worldwide and it is highly recommended for you to choose. Here is the list of all the benefits you will have since you create your hosting account.

Hostgator top benefits
Technical  Support They offer 24h  technical support through online chat. You can chat with a member of their team whenever you want and they will solve your problem immediately!
Experience They now serve over 5 million domains and this is an unbeatable benefit
Prices Their prices are very low while you can also have an additionaly 25% discount if you use “ergasiaon24″ discount coupon code!
Uptime Your website will always be accessible since they guarantee 99,9% uptime!
Bonuses When you create your account, they offer you for free a 100$ Adwords coupon to advertise your website
Money back guarantee You have 45 days to ask for a refund for any reason!
Disk Space There is no limit to your diskspace. You can upload as many files you want!
Installing WordPress One click install through a very easy to use Control Panel!

Hostgator control panel. Hosting WordPress through Fantastico

Since you created your Hosting account, you login to your Hostgator cpanel and you see this screenshot:


Hosting WordPress through Hostgator

Then on the bottom of the cpanel you will see the option named “Fantastico De Luxe”

Icon Fantastico De Luxe in Hostgator

After clicking to this icon, you are redirected to this screen shot:

One click WordPress installation

Then you select WordPress and you are going here:

Hosting WordPress tutorial

Then, you have to fill in the fileds you see above.

Install on domain : check the domain you want to install WordPress

Install in Directory: Leave it blank

Username: A username of your coice

Password: A password of your choice

Admin nickname: A nickname of your choice

Admin e-mail adress: Your e-mail

Site name: The name of your website ( you can change it whenever you want)

Description: A short description of your website

Then click: ” Install WordPress”

You will go here:

Installing WordPress 2/3


Wordpress - last step to install it in your account

In this step, just fill in your e-mail in order to get all these info emailed to you. Then click “send e-mail”

Now, if you visit your domain you will see something like this :

Wordpress website

Now you are ready to add content to your WordPress website. Your website is being hosted in Hostgator you can now do all the changes you want just by visiting your WordPress dashboard.

So, as you realized, Hosting WordPress through Hostgator is a very easy process!

A complete set of WordPress tutorials here!

Don’t forget to use the discount coupon code “ergasiaon24″ on your first purchase in Hostgator!


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