Is there a reliable software for directory submissions?

Software for directory submissions

One of the most important things you should do to promote your website and to help it rank better in search engines is to create backlinks for your website.

There are lots of method to create backlinks.

Article directory submission
Forum posting
Blog commenting
Social bookmarking
Creating a link wheel
and. . . .Web directory submission.

In this article we will focus on web directory submission.

What is the best software for directory submissions?

This is the most effective way to xreate backlinks because you have lots of possibilities to have your website approved from these directories and the most important. . . It is free! ( for most of the times)

So in how many directories you should submit your website?

There is no answer for this but 200-400 submissions per month are quite enough and will surely help your search engine rankings especially if you submit your website in high Google Page Rank directories.

So, do you have the time to manage all these submissions?

Maybe yes, maybe no!

If yes, everything is ok, you just download lists of web directories and you start submitting your website.

If not, you can buy a software and make submissions automatically. There are lots of programms available online. Some of them offer automatically submissions and some of them semi-automatically.

In our opinion, the most perfect software for really automatically submissions is Sliq Submitter ! This software allows you to submit unlimited websites to 2000 directories with 49.99 dollars cost per year! The directories have various google page rank and that means: Perfect SEO.

Directory Submission Software

With this program, you can easily check if your website is approved or not from these directories. 

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