Clickbank vs Commission Junction

When you decide to build a website in order to make money online, you have to choose Affiliate networks clickbank or commission Junctionamong the bigest affiliate networks worldwide to find products to promote. There are thousands of Affiliate Networks on the internet. Here we tried to make a review for the most famous affiliate networks. Clickbank and Commission Junction.

Clickbank is the most famous affiliate network worldwide, maybe more famous than Commision Junction based on Alexa Traffic Rank. On the other side, the companies that co-operate with Commission Junction are more famous than Clickbank! Some of them are Toshiba, Kodak, Dell etc.

So, what are the characteristics of each of these two affiliate networks. Which of them is more reliable? Which of them is better to work with?

Clickbank vs Commission Junction

It is a very common question for everyone who want to start a career as an affiliate marketer. So here is the answer:

If you want to promote high quality products then Commission Junction is the best Affiliate Network you can choose.

If you want to make money selling products with great sales page but many times may not offer the quality that the customer may expect, then choose Clickbank.

In Clickbank you can find various of products and most of them have great and attractive sales page with high conversion rate. But many times, Clickbank has a negative feedback from its clients. Unfortunately there are being sold many products presented as quick rich schemes and nobody has make serious money by purchasing them. Of course there  is a money back policy and this is a very good point.

The truth is that not all the Clickbank products are low quality ones. There are products that are very good and you can’t find them anywhere else. Traffic Travis is one of them that can help everyone who wants to build a website and have traffic from search engines.

Affiliate marketingThe products being sold in Commssion Junction become from famous companies and quick rich schemes don’t have a place in Commission Junction since there is a very good policy as far as the quality of the products being sold there. In Commission Junction you can also find pay per lead or pay per click programms that you can’t find in Clickbank. That means that you get paid without having to convince somebody to buy anything.

There are also two other big differences amoung these affiliate networks. On average, commissions in Clickbank are very high when compared to the commissions that can be made through CJ. In Clickbank there are thousands of products that pay commissions more than 50% of the value of the product since in CJ the commissions rarely reach this percentage.

The second differenc is that in the marketplace of Clickbank you can find only digital products, most of them are e-books or software. In Commission Junction you can find any typre of product being sold there. You can be paid a commission by promoting products of any type that are being sold online. Laptops, cameras are some of them.

In conclusion, whatever affiliate network you choose to work with you should build a website with a quality and unique content that attracts easily the eye of the visitors and of the search engines. Building a website is not difficult and not easy! Whatever the topic of your website will be, you can find products to promote either from Clickbank either from Commission Junction. Do a very good search to ensure that the quality of the products you will promote will not harm your website image!

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