Useful HTML codes for your WordPress website

WordPress is maybe the most popular website builder. With WordPress you can insert unlimited features to your website without the knowledge of HTML code. This is the power of WordPress! Since you probably don’t have the time to learn html code but you need many features to your website, then WordPress is the best solution for you. Read more »

WordPress Dashboard – Advanced Features

Inside your WordPress Dashboard, you can see many settings you can change while making your website. In this part we will explain some settings that are not explained in the other steps of the guide. Read more »

WordPress comments – How to manage them

Managingn your WordPress comments is a very important task while creating your WordPress website. You should keep in mind that WordPress platform was created mainly as a blogging platform that means that everyone could be able to comment for free to your posts. Nowadays WordPress became the most famous website builder and you can create any type of websites using WordPress (business, personal, e-shop etc) but there are still lots of discussion settings you can change to your website. Read more »

WordPress images – How to manage them

It is a fact that while creating a WordPress website, you may face problems managing your photos. The major problem you may face is that when you insert an image to your post, it will not appearn at the exact location that you see while creating your post. Here is an example: Read more »

How to set up your WordPress Menus

In this section you will learn how to create your navigation menus inside your WordPress website. You need to create navigation menus easy to understand so that your visitors will be able to know where to “click” to find the information they want. So take care of your menus and make them clear and easy to use. But let’s start with the basics: Read more »

WordPress Widget Area

WordPress widgets is a very useful WordPress feature! You can add many features to your WordPress website using the appropriate WordPress Widget. So let’s get into the idea. . . Read more »

Must have WordPress plugins

Must have WordPress pluginsAs said many times in our WordPress guide, plugins are the power of WordPress. You can find millions of plugins that can help you do almost whatever you want inside your WordPress website, without the need to know any html code. Here, I list the more useful plugins with a brief description of each one. Read more »

WordPress plugin tutorial

Wordpress-tutorialsIn the previous part, you saw how to create a new post and a new page with WordPress. You probably asked yourself:

Where are the options to change the style or the size of the fonts? How can you insert a table in your post ? Where are the options that I have when I edit a text using MS Office Word ?

Since, these questions are very common, we decided to add in the 4th part of our WordPress guide the method that you will add these features to your WordPress website. Since you just started learning WordPress, you need to discover the power of WordPress that is the ability to install WordPress plugins !

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WordPress post – WordPress page – WordPress category

Adding content to your WordPress website

Since you installed your favourite theme in your website, you are now ready to add content to your website. The three main terms while creating a WordPress website are: CATEGORY – POST and PAGE

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How to install a wordpress theme

installing a wordpress themeSince you just finished WordPress Installation, you need to create the basic layout¬† of your website.The design of your WordPress website is named ” WordPress Theme” So in this Part of our WordPress Guide, we will explain:

How to install a WordPress Theme in your website

What is WordPress Theme ?

WordPress Theme is the basic design of your website. There are thousands of free WordPress Themes in the internet. You should make a very good Google Search in order to find a good and attractive WordPress Theme. Of course you need to find a WordPress theme stronlgy related to the topic of your website¬† Let’s get into it with one example. . .

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