Lighter for iphone – iLighter

We all remember how it was to carry various small items in our bag or pockets.  Now, in the age of minimalization and digital  technology, heavy bags and bulgy pockets are things of the past. All the small devices and gadgets are added in our smart iphone including a cigarette ilighter.  Yes, you read correctly a cigarette ilighter.

Everything is getting smaller, simpler making it more convenient to carry along.  To put it plainly, all we need is now being added in our smart iphone.     What more could you ask for?  No more searching, asking around for a lighter.  It is a common fact that when you are desperate for a cigarette you can’t find your lighter.  To make things worse nobody around you seems to have one either.   So, our team of engineers  has come up with  an innovative idea  and included an ilighter   on the iphone.  Wherever you are whatever you do as long as you have your iphone with you, you will also have your ilighter.

Simplicity and convenience come together.  Small devices and gadgets are being added on your smart iphone.  Another slick, cool modern design in your hands is this lighter for iphone.  The ilighter has been so designed and embedded in the iphone in such a way that it does not interfere with the other functions of your iphone.   A perfect solution for smokers and even for non-smokers as well.