Traffic Travis Review – A top SEO tool

When you start building your website to make money online, you probably try to find a software that will help you achieving your goals. There are thousands of programs that promise you to give you the most valuable information for every part of this business. But are they all of them so reliable as they may occur from the first glance? Read more »

Is there a reliable software for directory submissions?

Software for directory submissions

One of the most important things you should do to promote your website and to help it rank better in search engines is to create backlinks for your website. Read more »

How to create backlinks to improve your rankings

There are two main factors that you should take into consideration in order to help your website’s ranking. SEO on site and SEO off site.

As far as SEO on site, there are lots of ways to improve it either by adding unique content to your website, either by installing some plugins for SEO, either by writting content in a way that helps search engines to locate your website. Read more »

5 SEO tips revealed!

search engine optimizing your websiteSearch engine optimization or SEO is the hottest method to guide targeted traffic to your website. Maximizing the pros of a well optimized site will produce profit for the marketer. Though, optimizing your site might cost you lots of dollars if you are not expert in this area. But in our website you can find very useful tips to boost your website rankings. While you create your website, you should implement all these seo rules. Here we will mention five useful tips for a good SEO. Read more »

What is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa traffic website shows us the ranking of each website based on its traffic. A lower Alexa number, the more traffic a website has. For example, if we put at the bottom of the Alexa the website this result will be displayed,

Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,649 – Traffic Rank in GR: 13 Read more »

What is Google Page Rank?

What is Google Page RankGoogle page rank is an index given by Google rating the “quality” of a webite.   By quality, we do not mean quality of the content of the website but of the overall web presence.  This score comes from a huge algorithm.    What one needs to be careful  with,   is that the  bigger the  rating of  a website,    the better quality it is considered to have.  Usually,   the score is regarded as satisfactory if it is  is more than 3 / 10.  In general one  must know that  Google hardly gives  a good score on websites, which  must comply with numerous requirements.  Read more »

SEO Exaplained in the most simple way!

seo explainedIf you want to start creating websites for profit. You need to know well what is SEO ! You need to understand how Search engines work.

Eplaining SEO basics using a simple example

When you want to find more info about something, probably you will visit and type in the search bar, the words that descirbe best your question. For example, if you want to find more info about puppy shot schedule, you may type in the Google Search bar: Puppy shot schedule Read more »