How to create a free website – Choosing your website builder

Using a free drag and drop website builder – The easiest way to make a website!

creating a free websiteThere are two main ways to create a website. If you know html, you can build it on your own from scratch and develop the features you want. But, since you may not have the time to learn html and at the same time, you need a website either for your business either for personal reasons, you can choose among lots of free website builders that don’t require html knowledge. At the same time, most website builders offer perfect design and easy to use platform so making a website will be much easier than you may think! Read more »

Using Weebly. Advantages and Disadvantages

If you find it difficult to learn the WordPress platform, you will not struggle on the platform Weebly. If you browse, you may be surprised by the ease of use of this website builder. You will realize that now building a website is not so difficult as you may have thought! Over 7 million pages are built with Weebly! Also, the company’s website Weebly has google page rank 8 / 10 and alexa traffic rank 350! Of course, Weebly website builder doesn’t provide the features of wordpress but it is very good for want to build a personal or a website for a small business .

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Building a website for free… What you need to know

how to build a website for freeThe most common characteristic of people who don’t have a website is that . . . they are just planning to create one! Of course, not all people are willing to pay for their website. Some of them may want to create a blog to share their opinions, others want to create a business website without spending a lot of money for this, others want to build a website to make money online etc.

For all of them the question is simple:

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How to make a free website Top recommendations

how to make a free websiteThere are many ways to make a website.

You can hire a programmer to do the job for you.


You can simply do it yourself if you don’t have money to spend.

How to make a website for free ? What are the 3 most famous platforms ?

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