A complete guide to write an SEOed article to boost your traffic

seo articleThe purpose of writing a successful SEO article is to increase the number of visitors to your website that come from search engines. Since you own an affiliate website, your goal is to attract more people to purchase products or services you promote through your website.¬† In order to achieve this, your article should be not only search engine optimized but also ¬†informative and it should gain the interest of your visitors.¬† Remember the more traffic the more sales, which means more profit. Read more »

Writing an Article – Proper using of H1 tags

writing an articleWriting an article can be a difficult task. There is the audience to consider, as well as staying within the bounds of the article’s topic. Of course, it is important to consider spelling and grammar also. For articles that are going to be published in the internet, it is important to implement SEO article writing so that the article will be easily found on search engines.

The main purposes of an article

The article has to communicate the information effectively and either inform the reader of new information or convince the reader to do something or think a certain way. What’s more, most articles have word limits, so all of this information must be kept within those limits. So how does one effectively write an informative article that gets to the point?

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Article Marketing and Article Writing

What is Article Marketing strategy ?

seo article writingArticle marketing is the strategy of promoting websites or products by writing articles and publishing them mainly on Article Directories Sites, sites that publish articles on any topic. For example, you can write an article on alternative energy sources and at end of article you may write: for more info about alternative energy sources click here: www.your website.com. The article marketing strategy is very important to reach a better position in the search results and to get traffic to your website.

By publishing your article on these sites you get FREE traffic to your site. These article directories sites are very important for Google. This practically means that when a user wants to find information on any subject, the first page of search results will show one of this type of sites. Article Marketing strategy is one of the best methods to promote your website free and easy !

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Outsourcing article writing.Top cheap methods

outsourcing article writingThe most important thing you should take into consideration while creating your website is to find content to your website.Written content or multimedia or both of them. Google loves combination of both types of content.

Need content to your website? Article writing outsourcing

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