Guide to build your website and make money

Your free guide to build your money making website!

In this free online guide, you will learn how to build a website in order to make money online. Your website will offer useful information around a topic of your choice and at the same time you will make money from the advertisements that will be displayed in your website.
The top revenue sources are: Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense
In our guide, you will discover the most powerful and proven to work methods for any action required !
website ideas
Step 1: How to choose the topic of your website
Discover the top techniques to find a profitable topic for your website Choose your website topic!
keyword research for SEO
Step 2: Find keywords you can easily rank for
Keyword resarch is maybe the most important step in this process Start your keyword research!
create a website - complete guide
Step 3: Website creation
Get your domain, hosting and install WordPress to your website Create your website now!
web content to your website
Step 4: Add content to your website
Create attractive content and post it to your website Add content to your website!
promote products through your website
Step 5: Find profitable products to promote
Search for products with a good conversion rate and promote them. Find profitable products!
make money online
Step 6: Start making money with your website
how to promote a website
Step 7: Top methods to promote your website
Get free traffic from search engines & other websites. Link building explained

Step 7 Top methods to promote your website

how to promote a websiteIn this step we present the most powerful and tested ways in order to promote your website successfully and drive traffic to it. Of course, more traffic to your website means more money from Google Adsense and more affiliate sales! There are many ways to promote your website, others are free and others will cost . We will focus on free methods to promote your website that require some specific actions from your behalf. Read more »

Step 6: Website monetization

Making money with your websiteIn this step you will make the necessary actions to make money from your site. Making money online is one of the purposes of your site. It is no difficult to make money from your website, but you have to work a little bit! Don’t worry about working on your website since most of the work should be done once, at the beggining. Then, when you start driving traffic to your website and you set up all the thing to do this, you will not have to work many  hours in order to make money. Read more »

Step 5 Choosing products to promote

profitable categories in each affiliate networkAs already mentioned, whatever the topic of  your website is  you can find products to promote that are related to your topic. But for the products you wish to promote, there are some requirements that should be met.

Finding the right products to promote Read more »

Step 4 Adding content to your website

add articles, media, photos to your websiteHaving completed the previous steps you now have a website that can be accessed by internet users, now, you have to add content to your site. The content of the website is divided into three main categories: Text – Photos – Videos.

Before adding content you must first define the basic design of your site through the selected platform. In Weebly and WordPress the basic design of the website is called “Theme”. In other platforms it is named «template». This is the background of the website, which determines how the menu appears on your website, etc. The template you should pick to create your site should be related to your main topic. Read more »

Create your website in three easy steps – Free tutorial

3 steps to make a websiteThere are three basic steps that need to be done to build a website:

Buy a domain name -> Create your Hosting Account-> Select a website builder to ‘build’ your site Read more »

Step 2: Keyword research – Choose the best keywords for your website

Before analyzing the second step, we should have understood perfectly what is SEO here: SEO explained in simple words. When you build a website, you should consider how someone finds your site through search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) You should target some words and phrases (keywords) that when someone puts them in the search bar of Google, your site will be displayed in the first search results. This ensures high traffic to your website and high traffic will result to a higher revenue either from Google Adsense either from Affiliate Marketing. Read more »

Step 1: Website ideas to build your website

Before you start building how to build a website - website ideasa website, you must first choose your topic.  Although you are free to choose a topic of your choice, you need to know some methods to choose the topic for your website.

So, how to find profitable website ideas ?

There are three main ways to pick a topic for your money making website. Read more »