How to Calculate Your Google Adsense Earnings

Google Adsense earningsGoogle Adsense is a cost – per – click (CPC) free, advertising tool that gives web owners and bloggers a chance to put ads and links on their site as long as the content is related to the site. Google allows placing of banner ads even if the site is small thus, giving equal opportunity to every one. It is quick and easy to have Google Adsense on the site. Each page can have ads that can turn into revenue.

How Google Adsense Works

This marketing strategy works when your visitors click to one of the ads placed on your website. This helps the website owner to earn money while the advertisers gain the desired traffic to their website.

You have to sign up through an online application on Google. You have to say if the account is personal or business.Click here to create your account: Google Adsense link. A notification of approval will later be sent on e-mail after the submission of the application.

To those who are signing up be sure to read the Google’s Adsense terms of use. This will help you from doing any violations. Among its guidelines are:

1. Ads are not to be placed on pornographic sites
2. Google adsense earnings information
3. The user will not click the Ads on his site
4. Ads are not to be placed on sites whose content is not related.

Once you have an active account, you can choose between link units or an image/text based ads. For text and image ads, the ad specifications can be altered. You can also place a Google Search Field on the site.

Google Adsense html code

A very easy to use guide on how to place Google Ads inside your website can be found here:

Learn how to make money with Google

How you earn money from Adsense

make your money making websiteAdvertisers pay to Google an amount of fee to have their ads displayed.  There are two cost structures to remember on Google Adsense. One is the CPC or Cost – Per Click and CPM or Cost – Per – 1,000 – Impressions. But CPC ads  are being displayed mostly on your site. So, CPC means that advertisers give money to Google once their ads are clicked. Google shares with the website owner 68% of its earnings. That means that, if Advertiser pays 1 dollar for each click made to an advertisement, then 0,68 cents are going to your account, if the ad was displayed to your website. It’s a really very good money making program you can find online.

A website owner usually receives his payment once he hits the minimum mark of a hundred dollars. So anything less from that amount means that you simply have to wait to get paid. You can monitor your Google adsense earnings on your Adsense account.

How to increase your  Earnings

1. Number of Adsense Ads on the site – the more adsense you have on your site, the better chance of profit. Take care that you can’t put more than 3 ad units to a single webpage

2. The prices of the ads – prices vary each day; it can either be a CPC worth eighty cents or a dollar or even more. Since Google uses an algorithm to display ads to your website, you don’t know how much you will earn from each click.

For example, if your website is related to guitar songs, you may visit your Google Adwords where you can see the average CPC for ads related to “guitar songs” . Although CPC changes every time and Google may not display ads related to “guitar songs” to your website, since the algo is too complicated, Google may display ads related to a previous visited website from your visitor and the CPC of these ads may be much different from the CPC of the ads related to “guitar songs”. But in general, you should create a website that the keywords related to your website have high CPC, that ensures that your share revenue will be the higher possible

3. Ad placement – it is better to place the ads on the upper right section of the webpage because this is where visitors would usually look at, upon entering the website

Google Adsense revenue4. Traffic – don’t expect to earn money when few people visit your site. When your site is visited by many, chances of getting ad clicks is high too. To gain traffic, the site has to be filled with high content entries. The most important thing you should consider while creating your website is to make it search engine friendly. So read carefully all the posts in search engine optimization category, to ensure that your website will have always a good amount of traffic

For a complete step by step guide to build a website to make money online (Google Adsense included) click here: Create a website to make money online

How to Calculate Google Adsense Earnings

To check your Google adsense earnings, open your account and in the homepage you will see directly your current earnings.

You can view various statistics inside your Adsense account. You can see how many impressions your ads have, which ad units are the most profitable ones, which websites bring you more profit etc. It is a user friendly platform where you can browse easily all the reports.

Google Adsense is free of charge. All you need to do is to create an account and you can start earning money. One account can also be used on your other websites. You don’t have to worry about what ads to put on your site.As said before, Google does that for you. You simply have to copy and paste a code to your website. Details for this process are provided here: Learn how to make money with Google

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