Guide to build your website and make money

Your free guide to build your money making website!

In this free online guide, you will learn how to build a website in order to make money online. Your website will offer useful information around a topic of your choice and at the same time you will make money from the advertisements that will be displayed in your website.
The top revenue sources are: Affiliate Marketing and Google Adsense
In our guide, you will discover the most powerful and proven to work methods for any action required !
website ideas
Step 1: How to choose the topic of your website
Discover the top techniques to find a profitable topic for your website Choose your website topic!
keyword research for SEO
Step 2: Find keywords you can easily rank for
Keyword resarch is maybe the most important step in this process Start your keyword research!
create a website - complete guide
Step 3: Website creation
Get your domain, hosting and install WordPress to your website Create your website now!
web content to your website
Step 4: Add content to your website
Create attractive content and post it to your website Add content to your website!
promote products through your website
Step 5: Find profitable products to promote
Search for products with a good conversion rate and promote them. Find profitable products!
make money online
Step 6: Start making money with your website
how to promote a website
Step 7: Top methods to promote your website
Get free traffic from search engines & other websites. Link building explained

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