How to build your business website?

It is essential for every business to have a website. It is common sense! Sbuild a business websiteo,  when it comes to create your business website, you have to consider these  three choices:

1. Hire a programmer to build a professional website and update it regularly ( using html code)

2. Hire a programmer to build you a website using a free platform (like WordPress or Joomla) and then you will update it easily on your own.

3. Learn how to build a website and build it on your own from the beginning.

So, the questions are:

  • How professional you want your website to appear?
  • How much free time do you have in order to learn all the process to build it on your own ?
  • How much money do you have to fund this project?

Depending on your answers you are about to decide the way you will build your website.

1. Don’t believe that if you build a website using free platforms like WordPress or Joomla, that it will lack of quality. It is a myth! There do exist high quality templates and plugins for these platforms that can offer you a professional website that will correspond to your clients’ needs

2. An html based website will cost you at least 1000,00 dollars and then you will have to pay a monthly or annually fee. A WordPress or a Joomla website is a cheaper choice for you and you can easily learn how to update your content on your own. The cost of a WordPress or Joomla business website depends on the company that will do the project for you.

3. If you want to learn how to build a business website using the free learn how to build a business websiteWordPress platform, you can visit the WordPress Area in our website where you will find tutorials on building a WordPress website.  You should also read carefully our free step by step guide. You will find very usefull info about creating a succesfull website. It will also be very useful for you to read this article: WordPress tips and advice

The good thing is that you can find on the web all the info required to create a very good business website. Just visit Youtube or make a Google Search to find the info you may need while building your site.

Of course, you need to spend hours to learn all this process. If you have free time, you can do this. If not, you will probably need to hire someone to build the website for you.

Characteristics of a good business website.

Your business website should be perfect, not just good but PERFECT! It will be the website that should be able to make you money! So, you should take care of it !

As far as the basic characteristics that you have to keep in mind, you should focus on these :

1. The design should be strongly related to your business.

2. The website should be easy to navigate. Your visitors should easily find what they want. Take care of your menus you will create!

3. Your visitors should be able to contact easily with you! Display your contact information and make it easily for your visitors to contact you!

4. Publish your offers! Periodically, reduce your prices and make offerspublish your offers to your business website. Most people are happy if they see that the can buy now something cheaper than the regular price.

5. Update your site! If your website is updated at least on a weekly basis, your visitors will feel that if they visit your site again they will find somthing new, so they are likely to come again and again. Take care to update your website offering useful and quality information around the topic of your business.

In conclusion, remember to do your best for your business website! A good business website will help you expand your business easily! Whatever the category of your business is, you need a high quality website!

If you want us to build a business website for you, you can contact us and request a free quote. We can send you samples and you decide if you want an html website or a WordPress website. 

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