How to create backlinks to improve your rankings

There are two main factors that you should take into consideration in order to help your website’s ranking. SEO on site and SEO off site.

As far as SEO on site, there are lots of ways to improve it either by adding unique content to your website, either by installing some plugins for SEO, either by writting content in a way that helps search engines to locate your website.

SEO off-site.Creating backlinks to top websites!

The purpose of this article is how to find out how to create cheap and high quality backlinks to help your website rankings. This is SEO off site ! Building quality backlinks to your website is the key to SEO off site, but what are the kinds of these backlinks that are considered to be usefull for this process? How you can find backlinking services cheap and good quality? Can you build backlinks on your own or you need to hire someone to do the work for you?

We will manage to answer all these answers that every web developer may have.

So we will analyse the 3 most common sources of backlinks.


1. Backlinks from Web directories.

web directory submissionsWeb directories are websites that list other websites by category . There exist thousands of these kinds of directories on the internet. Most of them offer free submission of your website. It is easy to have a backlink from your site in these directories. Most webmasters, when they finish their website, the first thing they do is to submit it to these websites.

You can do this task on your own. You just make a Google search to find such directories and you start to submit your website with the details required. But this process will need a lot of time. . . So you have three options :

a. Either to buy a software that makes these submissions automatically ( is one of the best for this purpose)

b. Either to hire somebody (one or more ) from to do the work for you

c. Either to use semi-automatically methods to do the submissions (like the submission tool in

Important things you should take care:

a. Start with at least 1000 web directories when you begin the submission of your website

b. Submit your website in high Google Page Rank directories.

c. Try to find directories that use do follow backlinks and create anchor texts for the keywords you want to rank for.

Recommended websites for directory submissions:, http://www,,

2. Backlinks from Blog commenting

One of the most famous ways to build backlinks but it really works?

Blog commenting is sth that every webmaster tries to do for the websites but there are some issues that you should take into considerations for a proper blog commenting.

As you know, when you visit a blog you can post a comment on the post if it is allowed by the owner of the blog. The owner of the blog will decide to approve or not your comment. So you may post thousands of comments with a backlink for your website and unfortunately only few of them will be accepted. So what to do?

Many webmasters choose to comment on autoapprove blogs. That means that they know that their comment will be approved and it will be approved since the blog works like this, but will it really help your search engine rankings?

Unfortunately not since the autoapproved blogs receive daily hundreds of comments that means that Google doesn’t really count them . You should know that as much outbound links a website has so less important is for Google. So in this case, what you should try to do is these things:

a. Instead of posting anywhere try to find blogs that have high traffic, high Page Rank and allow you to comment with your website url. Of course you know that these blogs will not be autoapproved but it is better to post 100 comments to these blogs and to have 10 of them accepted rather than having 1000 comments accepted from autoapproved blogs.

b. You can use blog commenting software to help you find blogs that allow you to comment and they are strongly related to your main keyword. is one of the best blog commenting software you can find.

c. You can hire someone from fiverr or use services to post comments on related blogs

d. You can use Google search and find blogs related to your keywords. This process is quite simple but not really famous. Just type your main keyword in the Google Search bar and then click “blogs” from the menu on the left. The search results will show you websites that you can easily leave your comment. You can see the picture below to understand the way better. We tested the keyword “how to build a website

website backlinks - how to create them

Attention! Try to post comments that are related to the post you are commenting and don’t post the same comment to all websites. You may be banned by Google for duplicate content!

3.Backlinks from Forum posting

Forum postingThis is by far a very good way to build backlinks that not only help search engine rankings but also may send you traffic to your website. In order to make a good forum posting backlinking procedure either you hire somebody to make forum posts (in or in submitedge for example) either you try to find forums related to your topic and do the submissions on your own.

What you should take into consideration is this:

Don’t spam!

I repeat : Don’t spam!

Try to post useful posts that will help other to solve one of the problems they may have. In the forums you may find people that are really interested in your website but you want to look professional for what you are doing so try to help others by posting a link to your website in order to find more info for an issue they are looking for.

Every forum has its rules. You may not be allowed to post easily urls when you become a member. Most forums allow you to post links after 20 or more posts or after a month being member in the forum etc. Try to follow these rules in order to not get banned.

Forum posting can bring you quality visitors to your website BUT you need to be patient! Patience is the key to success! You need to spend time to make a proper forum posting to help your website rankings.

So, how to find forums to create backlinks for my website?

You can make a google search putting your basic keywords next to the word “forum” or you can simply put the keywords in the Google Search Bar and select “discussions” from the left menu (instead of blogs in blog commenting)

Every forum allows you to create a signature. Signature is a small message that appears below each post. So, you can create an anchor text there linking to your website. So in every post, your website will appear. Of course these links are no follow but many internet marketers believe that no follow or do follow doesn’t matter for search engine rankings!

To your success! 

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