How to automate the RSS submission process?

While you finished creating your website and you have already added at least 5 posts, it is time to submit your RSS feed to the most famous RSS websites.

Firstly, what is RSS ?

rss submission of your websiteRSS is Really Simple Sindication that means that whenever you post new content to your website, the summary of this content will be published in two different ways.

1) If you have saved the RSS of a website in your browser, that means that when you click to this RSS feed, you will see the latest updates of the website, you will see the summary of the latest posts and if sth is interesting for you, you click on the post and you visit this website.


2) The second very important thing of RSS is that you can submit the RSS of your website into other websites that accept RSS feeds. That means that whenever you update your website with a new post, then, the summary of this post will be added to the RSS directory website That means that if you have submitted your feed to 20  RSS websites, then,  when you update your website, 20 backlinks are created!

As you know, it is very important for SEO to have more backlinks. Especially if these websites have traffic and high Google Page Rank.

So how to submit your RSS feed?

RSS feed submissionHere is a link:

Visiting this link you can add your RSS feed in the form and this automatically adds your RSS feed to 10 RSS directory websites. That means that you create instantly backlinks for your website.

There are also other pieces of software that will help you submit your RSS feed to more RSS directories with high Google Page Rank and high Alexa traffic rank.

RSSbot is one of the best programs that will be very usefull for this process. Using RSS bot you fill in once the form of the details of the RSS and then your website will be submitted in more than 20 RSS directories. That is really very usefull since it is very time consuming to visit all the websites to submit your info.

You should submit your website at least once when you create it.

If you created your website with wordpress your rss feed is your domain plus “/feed”

For example the RSS of this website you are visiting is

So, in the RSS directories you will submit the URL containing this ending. 

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