Step 5 Choosing products to promote

profitable categories in each affiliate networkAs already mentioned, whatever the topic of  your website is  you can find products to promote that are related to your topic. But for the products you wish to promote, there are some requirements that should be met.

Finding the right products to promote

– The products sould be related to the main subject of your website.

– The titles of the products should have over 500 searches per month on Google, which can be viewed in the adwords keyword tool, (Don’t forget the “exact” option while using this tool)

– Putting in the Google search bar the words: <allintitle: “product name”>, you should not see many results. This means that there are not too many people who have written articles on internet for these products, that means that there is low competition in the promotion of these products, because when someone writes an article to promote a product, most of the times, the name of the product is put in the title of the article.

– When you search on Google with the words: “product name scam“, you should find if there are reviews that characterize the product as a scam. If you come up to such results, you should avoid the promotion of these products. The forum can help you to detect scam products.

– You should see the index of each product to see if the product “sells” or not, eg «Gravity» in Clickbank.

– You can check through adwords keyword tool, if users are looking to buy this kind of products. In the search bar of the Adwords keyword tool, you can fill in the words «buy product name», «sale product name” etc. If you see that there are over 500 searches per month for a particular product, it means that there is interest in this product .

The same can be done for the product category you want to promote. For example, if you build a website to promote laptops, do research to see how many searches a month have the words «buy laptop», «where to find cheap laptops», «low-price laptops», «laptops sale» etc. When you see that these phrases have several searches per month, this means, that this category of products is in demand on the Internet.

In order to find products to promote, you can either visit the product website and find the words «Affiliates» or «Become an affiliate» or «Partners», that are located usually at the bottom of the website of the product eg, or you can visit the websites who manage massively affiliate programs from various companies, eg

Here, we present the websites you may visit to locate products for which the owners offer a fee to those who promote them, affiliate programs. Within these websites you can choose products that are suitable for promotion depending on the content of your website. Registration on these sites is free!


Firstly, we present Paydotcom. The site brings together 600.000 affiliates agents and there exist 75,000 products, among them you can choose what to promote! Visiting the site you select «become an affiliate», you enter the necessary information in the form that appears and after creating an account, you login, then select the menu «promote products» and then «from marketplace». On the screen that appears you put keywords related to the theme you want, eg learn photoshop. In each product displayed, there is an information number APS. The higher the number is the more sales this product has. It is not the number of sales, this Paydotcom index shows whether the product is marketable or not. You would better choose products with the highest possible APS. Select «visit salespage» to see whether the product is related to your site. After you decide what product to promote, select “promote”. Then you move into a page showing your affiliate link, the link where your data is encoded. So, you start to promote this affiliate link. That means that when the customer clicks this link and buys the product, then you take the commision. On the page you get your afiliate link, you see also some images and banners. To display them on our website do copy the code below the banner you want, which usually starts like this <a href … This is a html code that when you paste it on your website, then the banner appears .

We should note here that the place you will paste the code, should be appropriate to “read” this code. If not, the conversion from html code to image or banner will not take effect.

More specifically, in WordPress, when writing an article and wishing to paste a code into a specific location of your article, you first choose the term «HTML» it always occurs right at the menu and then paste the code at the point you want the banner to appear. As far as Weebly, you must put a «custom html» where you want the banner to be displayed, and in the “custom html” you paste the code. The code will be decoded by Weebly and in that place the banner will be displayed advertising the product you selected. The code has integrated your data and if someone clicks on the banner or image, then he is redirected to the website which sells the product and if one decides to buy, you receive the commision.

Another issue you need to know is that when you write an article in order to promote the affiliate link, it is suggested not to write “for more info about this product click: because it is ugly to display such big link in your article. What is suggested it to write «for more info click here» and select the word here, then select this icon:

located in the main menu. Selecting this icon, a new field appears where you enter your affiliate link ie and what we achieve is this: When the visitor clicks on the word “here”, then is automatically transferred to the website of the product through your affiliate link without having seen the text of the affiliate link but only the word «here».


The fifth most visited site in USA! There are about 2 million affiliates (!) in the Amazon, where millions of products are sold. Through this site you can promote any product. To register go to and select from the menu that appears at the bottom of the page «Become an affiliate» To become a member in the Amazon affiliate program you should have a website, but they accept as a webpage your profile page on Facebook or Twitter.

Once they accept your request and you login, then in the bar “search for a product” you fill in the keywords that concern you. Choose “get link” and get the affiliate links. Alternatively, your affiliate link in amazon is ASIN is the product code or the ISBN. ASIN is displayed in the main product page and «our_Associates_ID» is our Associates ID given by Amazon by approving your application.

In the main page of Amazon, you can search by rating and by bestselling. This shows us a better indication for the quality of the product and for its sales. Searching by rating given by customers means that you can see the real feedback for this product. Searching by bestselling shows if the product sells or not. Both are important for the prospects of sale for a product. You should promote products from Amazon since this way you give prestige to your website, since Amazon is perhaps one of the most serious sites worldwide. Every Amazon buyer can rate the product after the purchase. What you have to do is to find products related to the theme of your website that have at least 4-5 reviews rating the product more than 3 stars. This means that the product would reasonably be good quality.

Commision Junction

CJ is a site that offers affiliate programs from various companies. This site has two major advantages. Companies promoted are already well-known. For example, some companies you can promote through CJ are: TOSHIBA, HP, YAHOO, LEXMARK, DELL, etc.

The second big advantage is that it offers pay per lead programs. In these programs you join a commission when through your affiliate link you direct someone to a webpage in order not to buy something but to do some specific action. That means that you promote something that is free and you take a commision. The action usually consists of providing the e-mail to subscribe to a service, etc. For example, if you drive someone to sign up to, then you get paid $ 25. As you can understand it is easier to promote something that is free. But never try to do ‘fake’ entries in order to deceive the company and get the commission. They have very high quality systems that can identify such actions and close your account!

After you open the account in CJ do login and select “get links”, you search for products related to the theme of your website. You select the product you want and click “apply to program”. Then you get the details for your affiliate links. In the list that appears, give special attention to network earnings, since this indicator shows how much this product “sells”!


Through Payspree you can only promote digital products ie books in digital format, software, subscriptions, etc. The good thing with payspree is that commisions can reach up to 100% of the value of the product you promote! Payment of commission is made directly to your paypal account at the time the customer makes the purchase through the affiliate link. So, you don’t have to wait for the payment of commission like most other sites.


Clickbank is a company with thousands of digital products and thousands of affiliates! From clickbank, you choose the products you want to promote. The procedure is as follows: You sign up to Let’s say you want to promote a product to learn photoshop. Select «Marketplace», Category Computers / Internet: Graphics and select the product you want, then select «promote» and clickbank gives you an affiliate link. eg. In this link your personal data is encoded, so that everyone who clicks on this Link, and buys this product you get the commission. It is worth noticing the gravity of each product. The higher this indicator is, the more sales this product has. Also, when beside «promote» you see «Vendor Spotlight», that means that selecting it, you are provided with more additional tools for promotion.



Ebay is one of the companies that offer affiliate programs. Ebay is the 21st most visited site worldwide! There you can find whatever product you want to promote, from small electronics to automobiles! In order to become Ebay affiliate visit the site Ebaypartnernetwork. You will find detailed instructions for the program, many articles and video tutorials. Ebay affiliate program is a little bit more complicated than the previous we mentioned.

You will not be paid by a percentage of sales of each product, but according to the quality of visitors you send to the Ebay. So if the visitors you drive to Ebay buy products, then Ebay calculates through an algorithm the value of every “click” that is brought by you to Ebay and the commision is based on these “clicks” .

For example if Ebay values every click from your site 0,30 cents, then for 100 clicks made through your website, you earn 30.00 dollars. The program is called «Quality Click Pricing» and it is one of the most profitable on the internet. A recent survey showed that 10% of the Ebay affiliates earn over 2500 dollars a month!


In this site you can find famous companies like Calvin Klein and Levi’s. The registration procedures are almost the same as those of the previous sites.

The most profitable categories of products

If you want to see directly the categories of the most profitable products then, check our research here: Discover the list of the most profitable categories in each affiliate network ( Clickbank, Commission Junction and Shareasale) 

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