5 website ideas to make money online

We present 5 possible topics from which you can get inspired and build your own website. Of course, as mentioned, there is almost no limit to the subject of the site that you can build.

website ideas that make money

List of 5 categories of website ideas

1) A tourist destination. It could be a tourist destination you have visited abroad or in your country

eg. a town which attracts tourists from around the world. If you have photos you can enhance your website with personal material.

Minimum recommended Site menu : History, sightseeing, accomodation, local traditions, photo gallery, video

Kind of products you can promote through affiliate marketing : tourist guides (eg Amazon), sites for hotels (eg booking.com)

2) A sport you have as a hobby.

eg How to learn ski

Minimum recommended menu Site: Learn ski, Ski tips, Ski resorts, Videos, Photos

Kind of products you can promote through affiliate marketing: books , ski equipment, products from Amazon or Ebay, travel agents sites

3) An issue of social interest

eg Childhood development

Minimum recommended site menu: Childs Psychology, Parenting, Health, Useful advice

Kind of products you can promote through affiliate marketing: books of child psychology (from Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank) baby clothes (from Ebay, Amazon, etc.), toys (from Ebay, Amazon etc)

4) A specific category of products (promotional nature of website)

eg Luxury watches

Minimum recommended menu Site: men’s watches, women’s watches, luxury watches pros, shop luxury watches, luxury watches companies

Kind of products you can promote through affiliate marketing: Watches from Ebay and Amazon

5) A question concerning technology

eg How to protect your computer

Minimum suggested website menu : Advice, Choosing Antivirus, Windows configuration

Potential products for promotion: anti-virus programs , books on computer protection, etc.

Caution! There is almost no restriction on the subject of the website you can create. Here we mentioned few of them.

make money from your websiteOf course, whatever topic your website has, you can host ads from Google Adsense as a second revenue source. Revenue from Google Adsense is achievable even you don’t have too much traffic on your site. Of course the more traffic your site has, the greater will be the revenue from Google Adsense.

Here we want to emphasize that even you don’t sell any product, while you get traffic, you will have almost certainly revenue from Google Adsense. Of course you need to spend some time to build a website to make money online. Of course, you should work with system, as shown in the 7 working steps of our website.

For a full list of website ideas that can make you money click here: Website ideas that make money ! 

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  1. […] first define its subject.  The subject determines the target audience of the website. There is no limit to the main subject you may choose for your website, since there is no restriction on the type of products you are able […]

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