3 reasons why attractive content brings your website’s success

quality unique attractive contentWhen creating a website, either for your business, either to make money online, you need to create high quality, unique and appealing content. There are two main things you need to focus: Great overall appearance and content useful for your visitors .

This should be your main purpose while adding content to your website. These factors determine the success of your website. So, let’s get into the meanings of “great appearance” and “useful content


What are the elements of a great appearance of an article?

  • Eye-catching headline
  • Enthusiastic tone
  • Well organized with Sub headings
  • Short paragraphs
  • Good images
  • Perfect grammar and spelling

What could be attractive and useful content for your visitors?

→ To solve a common problem related to the topic of your websitewriting an article

→ To inform people about important news

→ To help people avoid doing some mistakes

→ To review a new product that corresponds to related needs.

→ To help people on how to do something more quickly and more effectively

→ To organize a knowledge

→ To create a checklist for a group of actions

So, a great appearance in combination with useful content will contribute to an increase of your website traffic. More specifically, if you focus on improving these two factors, then you will observe a reduce of your bounce rate, an increase of returning visitors and a free promotion of your website from your own visitors! Now, let’s see each reason seperately why creating attractive content is essential for the success of your website

Since your content is great, 3 results will bring you the success

  1. Reduce of your bounce rate

Bounce rate is the amount of visitors that leave your website by visiting only one page of your website to the amount of total visitors. You need to maintain a bounce rate less than 40%. That means that 40 visitors out of 100 leave your website by visiting only one page of your website.

When a visitor to your website doesn’t find anything interesting in your website, he will possibly leave your website without going anywhere else. So you need to have great content that will make your visitors willing to visit more and more pages of your site. This will ensure a great increase in your traffic. You need traffic that stays for a long time to your website, since by this way the earnings from your website will also increase!

By installing Google Analytics to your website, you will be able to see every day the bounce rate of your website. Just visit this address http://analytics.google.com  to create a Google Analytics account and install it to your website. Then, whenever you visit your Google Analytics account, you will be able to see your bounce rate of each of your webpages.

2.     To increase your returning visitor rate

Returning visitors are the visitors that come again and again to your website because they found useful content inside. There are many reasons why you need a high rate of returning visitors to your website. Firstly, you need to show to your advertisers that your website receives traffic. So the more returning visitors your website has, the more traffic you will have. That means that you can charge more for an advertisement hosted in your website.

Furthermore, returning visitors are the most likely to become members of your list ( for newsletter, promotions etc.) . Through your newsletter, you will be able to promote quality products to them and make affiliate or direct sales. This is why you need this rate to be high. You can do this only if you write content that could be really helpful to your visitors.

You need at least 20% returning visitor rate. That means that one out of 5 visitors comes at least twice to your website. This should be your main goal!

  3.   To encourage your own visitors to promote your website

Content sharingThis should be the most important goal of your website. Since you see that you have many clicks to your “Facebook Share” button (that should be under each of your posts) , then you can be sure that you created really good content!

This is why Facebook Share Button exist ! Of course, not only Facebook, but also Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc are a great choice you should give to your visitors to share the content of your website with their friends. If your content is really useful and attractive, then your visitors will feel the need to share it with his friends.

That means free traffic for your website and also a good reputation. What you need more? Since the visitors of your website promote your website to their friends through the social networks, that means that you are starting building a reputation in the internet world. People pay hundreds of dollars to advertise their website, but if your content is really good, you have other people doing this without you spending a dime.

Finally, is it easy to create content that will attract visitor’s eyes?

Since this is not the purpose of this article, I have to say that since you spend some time to learn how to write really good content, then it is not at all difficult. You can find guidelines here : Article Writing Tutorials.

What is another thing that should you keep in mind while creating content for your website?

seo explainedYou should have one more thing in the top of your head while writing an article. You need also to provide your content in a way that search engines will be able to understand what this is all about. You need to create an article not only attractive to your visitors but also to “search engines” . Doing this, you will ensure that your article will rank high for your selected keywords , that means more visitors to your website! More instructions on how to write a very well search engine optimized article here! 

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