Making money online with affiliate marketing

making money with affiliate marketing Many people now, try to find ways to make money on the internet. More and more people believe that they can make money on the internet if they become affiliate marketers. Unfortunately thousands of “internet marketers” guarantee that if you buy their e-book you will become rich by clicking a few buttons! No! This is not truth! You should understand a few things firstly and then yes,it is likely that you will be able to make money online.

So, in order to make money online, you should know firstly how to build a website. You don’t need to buy lots of books to get the idea. You should simply read very carefully all the steps in our 7 step guide.  Secondly you should learn very good what is affiliate marketing, what is Google Adsense, what is Search Engine Optimization etc. Learning all these, don’t worry, you just need to spend some time to implement your knowledge and then you should be able to make money on the internet.

So, What is Affilaite Marketing. . . ?

Affiliate Marketing includes all methods of promoting products being sold online in order to gain a commission after the sale. In simple words, when through your actions, you send a visitor from your website to another website  in order to make a purchase, then, since this visitor becomes buyer,  you earn the commission agreed


You sign up to, Clickbank is a site where thousands of digital products of different categories are being sold. There, you can choose the product you want to promote. Let’s say you want to promote a product to learn photoshop. You select «Marketplace», Category Computers / Internet: Graphics and the product “Learn Photoshop In Just 2 Hours” then you choose «promote» and you get a clickbank affiliate link eg This link encodes your personal data, so that everyone who clicks this link is redirected to the official website of the product and if one buys the product, then, you receive from each sale the amount of 56.65 dollars. There is practically no limit to the products you can promote. You choose what to promote as you see in the step 5 “Choose products to promote” You can promote products from Amazon or Ebay. You can promote products of big companies like Yahoo and Kodak, etc. Most companies that sell goods and services online offer affiliate programs.

Here is a diagram to help you understand what is the process of making money from affiliate marketing:

Make money online with affiliate marketing

So, in order to promote the affiliate link that you get, there are plenty of methods. This is the idea of affiliate marketing, how to effectively promote other people’s products.

Affiliate markeitng revealed!

More specifically, affiliate marketing involves many methods and tactics that respond to these two basic questions:

1. What products should we promote?

2. How to promote them?

In our website you can find full instructions on how to create a website and make money online while you promote other people products. All the methods described are tested for their efficiency.

In our 7-step guide you will find also how to  make money from Google Adsense. The process is the same. You build a website providing useful information around a specific topic and since your content is attractive, you receive traffic that can be converted into sales ( affiliate marketing) or into advertisements clicks ( Google Adsense)

A huge benefit that affiliate marketing has is that you can promote almost everything! You can build a website based on your passion and promote products related to your passion ! 

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